Trader Joe’s Ginger Spread Reviews

(14 customer reviews)

A sweet and spicy spread with ginger puree and crystallized ginger pieces.


14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ginger Spread Reviews

  1. Susan Dent

    I’m a ginger lover and Trader Joe’s Ginger Spread is fabulous. I’ve only used it on toast but am going to try to find a dessert recipe in which to use it.

  2. Betsy M.

    This is the perfect wake-up call for sandwiches plus a terrific way to take grilled cheese to the next level. Also pairs well with cheese and a glass of wine.

  3. DB

    Great on bread or toast.

    I also spoon it onto TJ’s Sous Vide pre-cooked chicken thighs after I heat them in the microwave, makes a really good ginger chicken.

  4. Heidi Lee

    My new TJ favorite. It is soooo good. Please keep it

  5. Anne

    Add to plain Greek yogurt – it doesn’t take much to make the yogurt especially yummy! Looking for other ways to try it; some good suggestions here! Of course as soon as I get addicted to it it will disappear.

  6. David Tracy

    It’s good on a toasted english muffin with butter, or with butter and peanut butter (that work together well per my palate). As a sweet spread appropriate for breakfast toast it adds another choice to my other two favorite preserves, cherry and raspberry. If it’s seasonal it would be nice to have it year round. Perhaps ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties cancel-out the negatives of sugar, lol.

  7. DJM

    10 STARS! LOVE this ginger spread on pork chops, grilled chicken, toast with almond butter, in Greek yogurt with toasted pecans, in hot lemon tea, on a grilled ham ‘n cheese sandwich, on vanilla ice cream… PLEASE MAKE IT A REGULAR ITEM!!!

  8. Charles

    Best toast spread ever. I can’t find it in my store anymore. Please BRING IT BACK

  9. Linda Miller

    I’m so sad that this turned out to be a seasonal offering. I LOVED this ginger spread (like a lovely, chunky, marmalade) and now it’s disappeared from my local TJ’s shelves……so sad

  10. Bonnie

    The best item in your entire store !!! Please bring it back. Please!

  11. Mary R.

    100% agree with above reviews– Please KEEP it!!!

  12. Stephen PIckering



  13. Keith Harrison

    I bought this with no plan, it just looked like a good item to cook with. I forgot about it for a couple of months and then opened it to use in a noodle dish. It blew me away how good it was. Just sweet enough, just chunky enough, good in barbecue sauce and many other creative applications. WHY DIDN’T I BUY MORE WHEN I FIRST SAW IT? So bummed to find out it was seasonal and then they decided not to bring it back this year. I really hope enough people ask them to bring it back.PLEASE TJ’S, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  14. Ginger

    Please, please bring this back. Best spread ever!!!

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