Trader Joe’s Maple Cranberry Orange Spread Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Maple Cranberry Orange Spread Reviews

  1. Victoria

    I was surprised to get all the notes promised on the label. It’s great on bread, but try it on pork chops before you cook them. Or mix with gochujang and glaze chicken.

  2. Anonymous

    Tried it as a sample. Very sweet. I didn’t even have that much.

  3. P. Derminer

    I thought it was good on a turkey sandwich.

  4. Stephanie

    I think this one is going to be controversial with people. I like it a lot — it tastes exactly like it says (maple, orange, cranberry) but it’s also suuuuper concentrated. A little bit goes a LONG way. Like, imagine if marmite was a jam? I don’t know if that helps at all. But it’s strong. But tasty! I think it would go great with something to even it out, like ricotta, or cream cheese. And yes, it would be good to cook with. Definitely don’t pick it up if you don’t like orange, cranberry, or maple.

  5. Leo

    Rich in flavor. Delicious on many things but my favorite is on my wife’s sourdough bread. Had I realized at the time it was seasonal, I would have bought a dozen: six for my friends and six for us to hopefully last until it returns.

  6. John

    I love this stuff! Honestly, I don’t taste maple, cranberry or orange but it sure reminds me of the mince meat pie we had on Christmas in the 50s and 60s.

  7. Hannah

    I love cranberry and orange, so I was super excited to try it. This was disgusting. The maple flavor is so strong and does not go with the cranberry and orange. I tried it once and can’t make my self open the jar again to try it again.

  8. Sasha A

    Tried it…The flavors were not great. Tried giving it to my mom. She also was not a fan. It has almost molasses flavor. Maybe the combo of cranberry, orange and maple.

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