Trader Joe’s Giant Chalkidiki Olives Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Giant Chalkidiki Olives Reviews

  1. Jessica claire Bennish

    This post is not about the Dodgers.
    It is instead about a new discovery.
    It is about olives.
    Giant Chalkidiki Olives from Trader Joe’s to be exact.
    They are are gorgeous and meaty yet fruity, well rounded in flavor with both a palatable acidity and a subtle richness,
    allowing for both a smooth-like butter texture and notes of clean sea water.
    One can imagine if fresh sea water was filled with groves of underwater thriving olive trees, who infused the waters with their essence, essence of olive, by the second, the minute and the day, this is what the brine would taste like.
    The brined fruit holds the color of it’s very name. You may find yourself wanting to drink the brine, you may even think it would be good to “dirty” your martini with, but you will most likely find the taste of the martini, cleaner then it was to begin with somehow.
    I would not know, but if imagination serves me correctly, I trust that to be the case.
    Maybe you can enjoy some olives while you watch the game.
    Maybe I will go see what all the fuss is about re said game. I am learning though, how when one grows up in a home without an emphasis on sports, one focuses on less competitive and excitable past times, such as writing up reviews of much appreciated food items. That is fine by me for now. Perhaps one day I will become more well-rounded and develop an interest in watching a baseball game. Perhaps.

  2. Larry

    Truely the best olives grown and they last in refer months

  3. Amy

    These amazing olives have been out of stock in our Salt Lake Store for weeks. When will they come back? I miss them!

  4. Donna Jenkins

    Very delicious when in the Trader Joe’s to get some and Knoxville Tennessee been buying 5 and 6 jars at a time but in February. Went in and they said they no longer carrying it I’m very disappointed I hope they get them back soon.

  5. Sheila

    This is out of stock in Framingham/MA. When they are getting more? :'(

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