Trader Joe’s Garlic Spread & Dip Reviews

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38 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garlic Spread & Dip Reviews

  1. Mike

    This is VERY close to the old Armanino Foods product Garlic Zing, which was discontinued years ago. Has real zing, and delicious.

  2. al

    I just tried this by spread it on TJ sourdough crackling wheat bread and then added TJ pesto spread. I have been coughing for over a month and my Drs couldn’t cure me. only wanted to give me loads of anti biotics. No more. This cured me!
    THIS DID? Thanks Trader Joes. This is soooo delicious. Lemony zing to it too. Tastes like garlic dip at Zankou chicken too for those that love it like me. Enjoy!

  3. Sarah

    I agree it does taste like Zankou Chicken’s garlic spread!!! Sooo good I’ve been waiting for a local grocery store to carry garlic spread, and Trader Joe’s did it! I love it. Dip some pita bread in it and it’s amazing. Or eat it with one of your favorite mediterranean wraps.

  4. Laura

    This stuff is AMAZING, if addictive.

    The only downside is that you will sweat it out of your pores the next day and your co-workers will follow you around asking if you’ve been eating garlic bread (which is a small price to pay for how delicious this is).

    I like to serve this with warmed up gluten free flatbread.

  5. Katie

    This stuff is amazing and reminds me of the “garlic sauce” we used to get at a now closed Lebanese market in St.Paul, MN. It is delicious just spread on some flatbread or a tortilla and rolled up. I’ve bought 4 containers since finding it at my local TJs in Minneapolis just a month or two ago!! Now bring the Middle Eastern Flatbread to the Midwest, please!

  6. Mary C

    Having this with crackers right now… I’m thinking of putting this with some sauteed zucchini or broccoli on a baked potato! OMG… this stuff is wonderful..

  7. Ryan S

    This stuff just debuted at my local TJs. I tried it at the demo station and had to have a tub of my own. So I brought it home and my wife hesitantly tried it. She proceeded to eat a solid 1/4 of the tub with crackers.
    For dinner, I decided to make a flatbread “pizza” and toasted a slice of TJs flatbread, smeared it with this Garlic Spread, covered it with mozzarella and sliced grape tomatoes, and topped it with arugula and some balsamic glaze. Amazingly good!
    The next day, I made a prosciutto sandwich with TJs Chabata rolls, TJs prosciutto, TJs roasted red peppers, TJs arugula, and, of course, TJs Garlic Spread. It was SO GOOD!!!!!!
    After lunch, I went back to TJs for some items we couldn’t find at our Sunday Farmer’s Market, and picked up a second tub of the Garlic Spread. It is Wednesday and the tub is about 75% gone again.
    I highly recommend it, and hope TJs doesn’t discontinue it any time soon!

  8. Lisa

    Totally and ridiculously addicted

    I would LOVE to know the recipie…
    Got the salt, lemon and oil down
    ….is the garlic sauteed or baked first? (I doubt that it is raw)…. anybody?

  9. diane

    It seemed too sour to me like it had gone bad. And the texture was strange. I’m going to try and add to cooked veggies or something to add xtra garlic taste. Other than that I didn’t like it as a dip for crackers! Going to experiment before I throw it away. I’m thinking garlic chicken wings!

  10. Gennifer

    This stuff is basically mayo, but garlicified. Amaaaazzzzzing as a sandwich spread or even straight with crackers or veggies as a dip.

  11. neil

    yuck, the first taste and i was ready to take it back for a refund. i thought maybe i just got a bad batch, but im not going to waste the money to try it again.

  12. susan

    This stuff is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I make a chicken stir fry add a tbsp on top – so so so good! I hope they never discontinue this!!

  13. Wes

    This is ridiculously good. It really tastes like similar dips from Mediterranean restaurants I’ve been to. I like that it has a simple list of ingredients (although of course it’s not exactly healthy and is pretty high fat). Having used this both as a dip and as a spread, I can confirm that it tastes amazing as either! It also lasts a good amount of time before expiring, which isn’t always the case with refrigerated dips.

  14. Carrie

    I LOVE this dip. We also use it as a pizza sauce, topped org sautéed veggies and TJ’s balsamic glaze

  15. NomNom

    If I could rate this 10 stars I would. Seriously it is addictive. I bought a tub last week and am going to buy two more tubs this week, one for home and one for work. I love it with grilled chicken breasts, on a flatbread, dip for veggies, maybe just a little spoonful!

  16. Judy

    Entirely addictive! Have boughten from St Pail flatbreads myself just as wonderful! Is made with fresh garlic, lemon, salt and oil but can be tricky to make. Also called Thoum . As long as Trader Joes makes it I’ll buy it!,

  17. Nora

    I LOVE this dip. Definitely tastes like the Garlic Dip you can find at many Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurants. I buy two of these every time I go to trader joes. I eat it as a dip with crackers or veggies, eat it with steak, or eat it with gyros.


  18. Maha

    I am a Native New Yorker and I recently attended a board meeting in San Antonino TX well they serve us lunch and this container just siting there I open it up and WOW I am in love with it delicious I came back to NY and of course bought like 4 containers since I also love to cook I took chicken and after preparing to season i just took the garlic and gave the chicken a good massage in the oven and it came out delicious so I will also try to add to my pasta and make a white pasta more delicious so I can go on and on how happy and addicted I got to this spread!

  19. Pierre

    This my friends is Lebanese Toum. Have it with fried chicken or regular chicken and some diced pickles and you’ll fall in love.
    You can also use it in sandwiches. It’s also good with Raw meat. 5/5

  20. cmf221

    THE BEST. This is just like the garlic sauce served at my favorite Lebanese shawarma place. Soooo delicious.

  21. Deloi Gutierrez

    It is the best❤️ I first had something similar that I purchased at a Farmers Market in Riverside three years ago. I was able to get it at Clark’s Market-9 hours away Now it’s available at Trader Joes’s-2 hours awayI am stoked!!! Thank you Trader Joe’s, you made my day! I bought 5 tubs yesterday to share with friends

  22. Michelle

    I’m obsessed with this dip!! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

    I recently made a quick and easy artichoke dip with this stuff that is incredible (and vegan too)! Here is the recipe if you want to try it out sometime:


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  26. Cecilia G

    The best components for a hot day wrap lunch ! Garlic spread, canned chickpeas mediterranean style, and jicama wrap sheets! OMG heaven!

  27. Roberta Gore

    Incredible… you can use it on most anything if you like garlic!!!

  28. Elena

    Delish! Mixed with a little ricotta add some cooked shrimp stuff pasilla peppers back spoon some tomato sauce blended with a Serrano Chile – heat ——yowza! Agree like Zankau

  29. Anonymous

    Tastes good but will never last longer than a few days in the fridge before if grows mold. Very frustrating throwing out container after container. Will not be buying anymore.

  30. Amanda

    Changed the recipe. Tastes like they added fish oil.

  31. Anonymous

    Overall pretty good and addicting but a litle too acidic for me. Texture is strangely fluffy so I don’t eat it as a dip, but spread it over bread for sandwiches. I was hoping for more like the garlic spread from CAVA.

  32. Garlic Girl

    This is very close and affordable dupe of the toum you get with your meals at Lebanese restaurants. Fluffy, bold, and good. Must buy

  33. Anonymous

    Very comparable to other brands, good flavor.

  34. Eliza

    Its tasty at the beginning but when you munch on it for awhile it becomes overwhelming in flavor. It becomes kind of yuck and I feel disgusting after. Like you know you ate too much junk.

  35. Helena

    A toum by another other name would taste as savory. (That’s what this stuff is. Toum!)
    Man, is this my jam. Err, my spread/dip. Who needs aioli or mayo when you have this?! Forget crushing your own garlic and emulsifying it with oil, lemon juice, and salt by hand with a mortar and pestle, like some kind of non-lazy person. Just get a tub of this! And then spread it on some bread before pan-frying it (vegan brioche works in a pinch), and boom, you’ve got garlic toast.
    Worth noting that if you somehow don’t finish this within, say, a week or two—it will get moldy and start smelling funny. But if you just scoop out the moldy bits before polishing it off, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

  36. Sk

    I swear they must’ve changed the recipe on this. It used to be our favorite but the last 2 times I’ve purchased it it tastes a little off. Less garlicky than it used to and somehow less … Smooth? The first time I noticed I had actually bought 2 and tasted both to make sure one didn’t go bad.

  37. Jon

    I had high hopes after reading the reviews saying it was like Zankou garlic sauce which I love. I was disappointed. Zankou sauce is smooth and balanced with the garlic taste really coming through. This seemed kind of tangy and acidic, almost sour. The garlic taste was muted. I checked the sell by date and it was two months in the future. The product was sealed well. I doubt if I’ll be getting this again.

  38. JlinCA

    Something odd going on with it. Two of the three of us eating it taste a bad fish aftertaste (tasted separately without saying anything to each other). Third person who hates fishy tastes doesn’t taste it. Very odd.

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