Trader Joe’s Fully Cooked Egg Omelets with Cheddar Cheese Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fully Cooked Egg Omelets with Cheddar Cheese Reviews

  1. Jan Miles

    I just choked down the last one of these this morning. I really hated them to an unreasonable degree. Microwave one for even TEN seconds (half the suggested duration) and the cheese inside pours forth like the mighty Mississippi. This is the Mt. Vesuvius of cheese omelettes! Why is it LIQUID inside?? In fairness, it does TASTE like cheddar, but it has the consistency of the Worst Possible pasteurized processed cheese food, and that put me off these tremendously. Buy these if you like to drink your cheddar.

  2. jann

    These omelets are really great!!! Light and tasty! I just add a little garlic salt and cilantro, wow! Easy morning meal.
    I totally disagree with that absolutely rude review above.
    ALL my friends love these omelets too!

  3. undrgrndgirl

    have to agree with jan. the cheese turned to orange colored water. very disappointing. the dog will be getting an eggy treat.

  4. Sheryl

    I wanted to love these low calorie, convenient cheese omelets, but just cannot stomach them. When heated, the cheese turns to orange liquid (drips out like orange juice) and the cheese has an odd scent. As a huge TJs prepared meals fan, my recommendation is to pass over these for any of the other grab and go items.

  5. KD

    I disagree with all the negative posts. These are perfect grab and go morning bites and they taste great!

  6. Meadow

    Yeah, the cheese oozes out a little when you heat them up in the microwave. That doesn’t affect the taste. Cheese omelets are boring, who doesn’t know that?? I bought these and after I heated 2 of them up, I put some TJ Cowboy Caviar on them and WOW. I love salsa or picante sauce on my eggs and the caviar gave it that extra yummy flavorful kick that it needed! 2 omelets left in the bag so I know what’s for lunch tomorrow!

  7. CherylSF

    These are one of my favorite TJ’s items right now. Low cal and I love how quick and easy they are. Yes, the cheese is very melty, but for me that appeals to my nostalgic guilty pleasure craving for American cheese slices (think childhood grilled cheese- though the cheese in these omelets is actually cheddar). I just dip the omelet in the extra cheese, kind of like toast dipped in runny egg- yum!

  8. Lily

    I absolutely love these. They’re fast, convenient, a good deal, and just two keep me full for hours. I was very sad to hear today that they are being discontinued! I’m so disappointed!

  9. Kathy

    I can’t believe TJs is discontinuing these omelettes, even though the cheese melts to a runny consistency, they are still a better choice then the similar dry cheese omelettes from Costco. Disappointed

  10. shellbasket


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