Trader Joe’s Egg Frittata Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

With swiss cheese and cauliflower.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Egg Frittata Reviews

  1. David

    These are absolutely fabulous. In 2.5 minutes they are done and perfect. I was surprised to find these as good as homemade. I made a special trip back to load up. Perfect for a fast breakfast or brunch.

  2. Sharon

    OMG!! These are so delicious! And ready in minutes – the perfect food for breakfast on the go. Light and fluffy, and flavorful – great for me – I’m vegetarian.

  3. Joan Lind

    Ony two in a pkg, I could eat 8!!! delicious breakfast item. Next get the Tortilla Espanola – Ola!!!!!

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