Trader Joe’s Fudge Sauce Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fudge Sauce Reviews

  1. Serenity Guedel

    Now that this has been discontinued, what will my husband put on the ice cream he eats at three a.m.?

    Discontinuing items is jeopardizing my marriage, Trader Joe’s! Why would you do that?

  2. Sherry Darrow

    This is the best fudge sauce around…why is TJ’ doing this? If it’s bc of space, discontinue Kale!!!!!

  3. Charlotte zajac

    Then give us the recipe!

  4. Jodi Theriault

    Traders Joe’s Hot Fudge sauce/Fondue is the BEST we’ve ever tasted. The Hot Fudge sauce is a major reason we make a very long trip to shop and stock up on all of Trader Joe’s yummy food. Please find away to bring it back. We love it.

  5. Ness

    This is the best ice cream topper ever. I haven’t bought TJ’s ice cream since it’s been gone. I do not understand why it was discontinued. Please bring it back.

  6. Gutilla Karen

    OH NO!!! When we have chocolate cravings what will we do??? TJ’s Fudge sauce was a spoonful of chocolate culinary perfection in a jar, just a spoonful can satisfy ANY chocolate craving. PLEASE BRING IT BACK PLEASE

  7. David Sanguinetti

    I have been unable to find a Hot Fudge Sauce that comes close to the taste of “Trader Joe’s Fudge & Fondue Sauce.” What an awful decision to discontinue this product? I have never seen it languish on the shelf, it always sells fast and sometimes out at the store I shop. Unfortunately, I will be choosing to shop closer to home without this product to entice me to make the trip.

  8. S. L.

    Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings when the news was broken to me today at TJ’s when I asked where it was. The first time I didn’t reply to ‘how are you today’ at the register with ‘great’ and I replied ‘ “devastated” (but you already now I was beyond that) Please Please Please bring back my guilty pleasure so I can again be ‘great’

  9. Jacqueline Gerson

    Please bring it back, please, please, please, please, please

  10. Anonymous

    I love this sauce and cannot believe you are discontinuing it. do you need a minimum purchase commitment from each of us to keep it on the shelves? PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bring it back!!

  11. Rosemary

    Trader Joe’s Hot Fudge sauce is the best ever and one of the reason’s I make the trip to Trader Joe’s since I retired and no longer work in the area. Time to find a new store!

  12. Catherine

    Best commercial fudge sauce ever. Just the right consistency. Heated up and paired with ice cream — divine. Please bring it back!

  13. Anonymous

    THE BEST FUDGE I’VE EVER TASTED!!!!!!!! Please bring it back

  14. Heather

    TJ’s obviously does not care what their consumers like. They took away their Asiago Peppercorn Bread years ago. It was the best bread for paninis. Their hot fudge sauce was the best I’ve ever tried. They offer no replacement. I’m going to have to make my own. I don’t want corn syrup in my fudge sauce! Items keep disappearing and never return. Eventually they’ll stop carrying everything we like and they can close their stores.

  15. Jan

    5 stars for the product stars for TJ’s discontinuing the best fudge sauce in the world.. why do they do this? I have stopped driving to TJ’s. which is about 30 miles. why did i go. FUDGE SAUCE. whiel ther I bought other things.. but that FUDGE SAUCE was the reason to get into the car. TJ’s lost me as a customer

  16. Analee Carpenter

    Seeeeeeriously. Everything everyone else said about the fudge sauce. It beats every fudge sauce I’ve ever tried, including the stuff I’ve made myself from scratch. WHY HAS THIS BEEN DISCONTINUED?????

  17. Amy

    Still hoping you will bring this back. My family is lost without it. Cannot find a comparable product anywhere.

  18. Cynthia Rollins

    I’ve been searching for this product for months. Please bring the Fudge Sauce back!!

  19. Carolyn Johnson

    Why is TJ’s Hot fudge being discontinued? My favorite. My are they keeping the Carmel sauce but getting rid of the chocolate fudge sighhhhh

  20. Molly Whitebear

    OMG! I just found out this delicious hot fudge sauce was discontinued!
    We would always stock up when we went down to TJs (quite some miles away from us) so I didn’t realize it was discontinued until the other day when we went and I needed to restock the hot fudge sauce again! There was no hot fudge sauce to be found I searched and searched all their shelves! I was devastated when I didn’t find any! I used it on my Talenti Mediterranean Mint ice cream! NOW WHAT!
    I am heartbroken, Trader Joe’s! PLEASE bring this sauce back!

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