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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s English Butter Fudge Reviews

  1. dena

    Omg. So rich, gimme more. Out of stock in la jolla. ….help!,

  2. Abida Hussain

    If you love butter, because butter makes everything better, this is for you. I absolutely love this fudge! It takes me back to my British childhood to the local corner pick and mix sweet shop where I would buy a bag of English fudge and make it last for a month!

  3. Michelle

    Another omg……so good. Out of stock in Springfield VA……help!

  4. Marcy Knowles

    Got a package in my thing I ever tasted ever!

  5. kz59

    never heard of this fudge before, it’s delicious and highly addictive. thankfully it’s a small package or i would be in serious trouble. our store seems to mostly carry it around the holidays.

  6. Elle

    This reminds me of Scottish “tablet” that I ate in Glasgow years ago and have been searching for ever since. It’s delicious with English Breakfast Tea. It is sweet so a little goes a long way if you’re watching your weight. Highly recommend. Hope Trader Joe’s keeps it in stock.

  7. Jo Ann Howard

    the best fudge! and Trader Joes no longer carries this! Would love to be able to buy this again.

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