Trader Joe’s Frozen Mini French Baguettes Reviews

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Contains six baguettes.

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Frozen Mini French Baguettes Reviews

  1. Lisa

    Delicious flavor, perfect size. You can heat up as many as you want at a time from the freezer. Love them!

  2. Susan

    Disappointing . They hardly got any color after baking them, and the texture was nothing like a baguette, or even a bread stick. Spongy and tasteless, unfortunately.

  3. Kelly

    Such a good price so I gave them a try. They exceeded my expectations — great texture and flavor, delicious with good butter. Came surprisingly close to the real thing; definitely need to bake them to the longer time, 6 minutes or even 7.

  4. Le Baguette

    Glorified breadsticks

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