Trader Joe’s Frozen Mashed Potatoes Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Frozen Mashed Potatoes Reviews

  1. Sierra

    I was actually shocked (yes, shocked!) by how good these are. Not that I was picturing something subpar from a TJ’s product, but frozen mashed potatoes? I never would have expected them to taste so similar to the deli kind my family gets on Thanksgiving. They’re actually legit – real potatoes, not the instant stuff of nightmares. Yum.

  2. Rachel

    People never believe how good these are until they try them, but they really do taste like home-cooked mashed potatoes!

  3. Lena

    These are really good! I love mashed potatoes and wouldn’t have guessed that a frozen version could be so good.

  4. Jerri Smith

    Yep, all they say is true! They are amazingly good. However, if my daughter sees the bags before I make them, she automatically envisions the dry flakes that taste like the inside of the box they came from!!!

    I made these at a recent Civil War reenactment for 30 hungry soldiers and civilians. We left them marveling at all the potatoes we must have peeled, boiled over an open fire, and mashed in a huge cast iron kettle.

    Instead, we let “Joe” do the peeling and made wonderful, creamy and awesome NO LUMP mashers. Thank you Joe!!!

  5. Wes

    These are a new Thanksgiving staple in my family. I never would have thought I’d say that about frozen mashed potatoes, but you could serve these to pretty much anyone and no one would guess that they were frozen.

    Very easy to make (just heat them up!), reasonably priced, and of course, delicious.

  6. Gary

    I usually can’t stand pre-made and frozen mashed potatoes. However, this product is excellent. The ingenious approach is to form the potato in little pucks. Arrange them around a plate and microwave. After the pucks have softened up a bit, mash them into a mound using a fork and then microwave until sufficiently hot. You don’t need to add any salt, or even much butter. Chopped chives go very well with this.

    Note that these aren’t for super long keeping. Moisture will wick out of the pucks within a month. If that happens, shake the ice crystals on them before microwaving and you can reconstitute the moisture a bit, but the consistency will change a little.

  7. Sarah J.

    It’s unreal how good these are. Honestly, even if I were served these and told that they were fresh made mashed potatoes, I would think that they were some of the most delicious mashed potatoes that I’ve ever had. Let alone that they’re made from a bag from the freezer! Very easy/quick to make too — simply dump the amount of the “medallions” that you want into a bowl and throw in the microwave for a short time. I’m drooling just thinking of these!

  8. Ross

    Love these… First time I served to guests, they had no idea they were frozen…

  9. Anonymous

    These potatoes are super good and super easy to make! Love em!

  10. Steve Spaulding

    While Trader Joe’s prepared food is usually excellent, these mashed potatoes are Garbage!
    So do not waste your money. Peel your own

  11. Jaime

    Steve must be the only one with proper tastebuds. These are awful. The texture is odd and it was flavorless. Yuck. Thankfully, even bad potatoes are still potatoes so I powered through.

  12. Wendy Anthos

    We really loved them. Surprisingly very tasty. These are real mashed, nothing like instant.

  13. Martha

    To one bag of frozen mashed potatoes you add half of the container of Bacon Cheddar ranch dip (also from Trader’s Joe) and it is the best tasting mashed potatoes EVER!!

  14. Heather Johnson

    I usually make my own but I am on weight watchers and these are point friendly . They are okay not too bad . I would rather spend my w yea points and make my own . If I am lazy these will be my go to

  15. Susan Koskela

    Best potatoes ever! I never buy fresh potatoes anymore and I am a fussy, seasoned cook and I know good food. I always have at least 3 bags in my freezer. Use them whenever I need mashed potatoes in a recipe. Of course wouldn’t expect anything less that GREAT from a TJ’s product. Love you Trader Joe’s don’t ever change.

  16. Doug Peats

    Where have they gone? Haven’t had any for last two times we came for them! They are fantastically good!

  17. Brian

    We buy these all the time at Trader Joe’s. quick to prepare an Taste Great. haven’t seen them at a local Trader Joe’s for months one of the stock clerks said that they were getting hard to find. Some people who don’t like them but we find them great how about restocking Joe!

  18. NNN

    These a great. Add a little butter and milk and salt. Yummy.
    However I was told Today that the company that makes them today for TJs no longer wants to sell them to TJs. That’s why we can’t find them in stores.

  19. Anonymous

    PLEASE get someone to produce those fabulous MASHED POTATO MEDALLIONS, Trader Joe’s. There has got to be some food company that you can work with to get this great item back to your customers!

  20. Connie S

    I agree with the person who said “PLEASE get someone to produce those fabulous MASHED POTATO MEDALLIONS, Trader Joe’s. There has got to be some food company that you can work with to get this great item back to your customers!”

    I miss and want those TJ’s frozen mashed potato medallions!

  21. Eliza M

    The newTrader Joe Mash Potatoes are such a disappointment. I loved their discontinued mashed potatoes but the new product is a gluey mess. I tried them in the microwave and then on the stove top. Yuck! Please bring back your discontinued product.

  22. Jen

    PLAY DOUGH! Huge disappointment! It isn’t the plain flavor, but the odd texture that tastes like GMO or some bizarre imitation of potatoes. Why does this seem like play dough? The texture disgusted me, not the plain flavor. So bummed they replaced something good with something horrible

  23. Jason

    I have to agree with Eliza’s description of some kind of glue-y unnatural mess. So nasty! Why replace the old tasty potatoes with something disgusting????

  24. Holly

    Is it even potatoes? Or is it plastic? I can’t tell.

  25. Elaine

    The new TJ’s mashed potatoes are awful. I was such a huge fan of the old version, and the new version is such a disappointment. They have no taste and the texture is like glue. I even tried adding seasoning, milk and butter, but it didn’t help much.

  26. Nancy

    I agree TJ’s new frozen mashed potatoes are terrible. The old ones were 5 star and these don’t even rate 1 star. Please bring back the old ones.

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