Trader Joe’s Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar Bite-Size Shredded Wheat Reviews

(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar Bite-Size Shredded Wheat Reviews

  1. Gina Obrien

    Hands down my favorite Breakfast Cereal!

  2. Anonymous

    The best shredded cereal ever. Hands down. My TJs has been out of this for few months and I have withdrawals. They better not get rid of it

  3. Robert

    They have been out in Santa Rosa CA too. I think they’ve discontinued it, which is a travesty!

  4. Anonymous

    My absolute favorite cereal. I was told yesterday it’s need discontinued……please say it’s not so!!!

  5. Valerie

    I was also told that it’s been discontinued! I can’t understand why! It’s my favorite as well, for years! The plain and white frosted ones don’t even come close. PLEASE PLEASE bring them back!

  6. Rachel Tefft

    Please Please Bring This Cereal Back. I was Soooo disappointed to learn it had been discontinued.

  7. Mike C.

    My single favorite Trader Joe’s item, which a cashier told me was super popular and she had no idea why it disappeared.

  8. Wolfgang Joensson

    How horrible that they discontinued my favourite breakfast! Always mixed them with the non-frosted ones, out of sugar guilt, I guess.

  9. Maryanne

    Please bring this cereal back! It is the very best; no others compare. Other varieties of the same cereal are still available. Why is this one discontinued?

  10. Anonymous

    It’s been over a year since this cereal has been discontinued, and my craving still hasn’t gone away. Used to buy 2 at a time, but wish I’d known it was getting discontinued so I could stock up. Bring it back or we riot at dawn (internally, of course.)

  11. Kaitlyn


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