Trader Joe’s Fromage Pavé Soft Ripened Cheese Reviews

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A square of soft ripened cheese. Product of France. Perishable – keep refrigerated.


42 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fromage Pavé Soft Ripened Cheese Reviews


    I found the aroma of the fromage pave I purchased in Dallas to be quite off putting and repulsive. I expect blue cheese to have a strong and acquired aroma, which not all care for. Is this supposed to be the case with fromage pave or does it just spoil easily?

  2. SoCal Shopper

    I consider myself somewhat of a cheese connoisseur – the bolder and stinkier, the better! This Pave cheese is an incredibly rich and sophisticated version of a triple cream brie. It is soft and spreadable, and really opens up if you allow it to get to room temperature before serving. The cheese can be best enjoyed on Tuscan Wafer Thin crackers so you can truly enjoy the robust flavor and creamy texture of the cheese. The previous reviewer must not be a fan of stinky cheese because there is absolutely nothing wrong with this cheese. It is sublime. Now if TJs would only carry it year round, it could be my go-to party cheese.

  3. michelle Dalgarn

    what cheese would be comparable to it? Why is it only seasonal, can you get it somewhere else?

  4. Abi

    Daniel, this cheese is NOT a blue cheese. It’s a tripe cream brie. If you see any molding on it, it’s bad mold – don’t eat it!

  5. Anonymous

    This cheese for the price was delicious. Great for the holidays and this is not blue cheese.

  6. Rebekah

    It’s real stinky y’all. I haven’t tried it. I was looking for some help deciding if I should eat it.

  7. Brenna

    Being a wisconsinite I’m picky about my cheese. But holy cow is this stuff amazing! It’s got a ripe smell but considering I eat limburger fairly often it doesn’t bother me much. I love to spread this cheese on a warm bagel or a demi-baguette. I’m waiting to see when it will come out this year.

  8. Poppy

    This cheese is unbelievably good. One bite converted my guy from his usual cheddar preferences! Can’t wait til the next holiday season when I trust Trader Joes will stock this delicious cheese again for those of us eagerly awaiting it!

  9. Francoise

    Thank you Trader Joe’s for all your International Holidays foods including Pave fromage from France. I bought some at Christmas time and we all love the mild, delicious, triple cream (brie style)… I went back and bought 8 of them. I gave some to family 🙂 and freeze the others. TODAY I got one out of my freezer and less than 2 hours later I had a delicious, original tasty, creamy should I say ORIGINAL again French cheese…. YumYum!!!!

  10. Alta

    Will fromage pave cheese be in the jenkintown pa store this season.

  11. Monique Gesin

    I simply love the taste of this cheese and I only hope it will be available more than seasonal! Just wonderful!

  12. Nina

    Marvelous. Thank you, Trader Joe’s. Our favorite cheese of all is Époisses, but love many others and mourn (the far too briefly resurrected) Liederkrantz. It has been hard to find L’Explorateur recently, so wonderful to find this: thanks to a lovely woman who gave us a sample in Portsmouth, NH.

  13. Christine Poirier

    This cheese is delicious! Wish it would be available all year. I would definitely buy it!

  14. Lena

    So good and delicious! Bring it back as a regular item, not just for the holiday!!!

  15. Mia

    Love it and wish TJ carried it year round. Some of us have been going around and around on this so I will put forth this question: Is the outer cheese shell or “casing” if you will, ok to eat?

  16. Elaine Wong

    please BRING back the Fromage Pave as a REGULAR stocked item!! so delicious!!

  17. Alicia

    So good!

  18. Agatha

    I just LOVE this cheese! Im buying it every time I can. Wished it was a regular item! It’s so smooth, very creamy and just perfect in flavor – robust but not too much. Brings back memories of my trip to France!

  19. Susan Rosenberg

    This is the finest cheese I’ve ever eaten!!!! I’ve hoarded and super well wrapped several squares in original packaging since 2019 holiday time. It has only improved. Good God, it’s so fabulous!!!!

  20. Lavin

    @Rebekah!!! How can you give a 2 Star to the cheese when you haven’t even tasted it..??? This cheese is so delicious it is meant to be sticky you guys! This is that type of cheese that is smooth, sticky and super delicious.. I haven’t met one person that was not impressed with the taste of it.. period!! Highly recommend. Too bad it’s seasonal at Trader Joe’s!

  21. Lavin

    Rebekah!!! How can you give a 2 Star to the cheese when you haven’t even tasted it..??? This cheese is so delicious it is meant to be sticky you guys! This is that type of cheese that is smooth, sticky and super delicious.. I haven’t met one person that was not impressed with the taste of it.. period!! Highly recommend. Too bad it’s seasonal at Trader Joe’s!

  22. Malika

    I agree that this cheese leaves my refrigerator smelling of “stinky feet”, as my husband says, but it is the BEST tasting cheese ever!! Regardless of the strong smell, it has a very mild taste that is silky smooth on the tongue…yummmmmm. It’s too bad that it’s a seasonal cheese only as I would be on that year-round!

  23. marc eskenazi

    excellent. reminds me of a mild Limburger. Great with black bread and scallions. Enjoy. The seasons short!

  24. Renee Gauthier

    Oh my, I was so nervous by the stink this emitted in my refrigerator the week prior to consumption.

    I spent time in France a couple years ago and I’m still a bit scarred by the stinky cheeses. Don’t be afraid of the stink, this cheese is awesome. Put it out at room temperature, enjoy with some honey or pepper jelly. This is one of my favorite products of the year.

  25. CZ

    Excellent cheese, similar to brie, but appetizing to a wider audience. This should be available year-round like Brie. If people knew about it, it would surpass Brie sales when at similar price points.

  26. Alex Rodarte

    I absolutely loves this cheese but it stinks so so so bad. It’s delicious! I have it for breakfast with toast and fig spread.

  27. Jennifer Threlfall

    Ahhhhhmazzzing !!! Please carry year round .

  28. Marisnne

    It melted in my mouth. It was heavenly.

  29. JR

    I agree with all the positive reviews above. We almost ate the whole box in one sitting, just two of us! I will have it with a jam next time, be sure to let it sit out for a few minutes…and pair with a nice red wine…so glad I gave it a try.

  30. Tom

    Love this cheese, Other retailers sell it as Fromage D’affinois. As it seems Trader Joe’s had extremely limited quantities this year.

  31. Sergio de Panfilis

    Best cheese ever, as mention before you have to like this kind of European mature cheeses. A taste of France!
    Wish it was available all year long!

  32. Paul Guerin

    In the San Francisco Bay Area we fortunately are able purchase a ton of delicious cheeses from all over the world plus a large number of excellent local cheeses. Fromage Pave is up there with some of the best we have tasted, imports or locals. Unfortunately many people must feel the same as it is not always easy to find at our local Trader Joes’s here in Marin County.

  33. Lin

    I wish TJ’s would carry this cheese year round. It is one the best we I’ve tasted. Far superior to a regular brie.

  34. Debbie Glavas

    This cheese was delicious. Reminded me of some of the soft , smelly cheeses I have had in France. Please carry it year round!

  35. Al

    Very good. Should be available all year long

  36. Lauraura

    This cheese is amazing.IS there anyway it will be available all year long?

  37. Ilse Markus

    Loooove the Fromage Pave from France. It’s one of my favorite Cheese,only available during the Xmas season.

  38. Julie Cadigan

    Every holiday season when Fromage Pave becomes available, we buy 12 boxes. It goes to every party with us, on cheese boards, as a host(ess) gift, even to a white elephant gift exchange (where it was fought over). It is always the first cheese devoured on our cheese boards. The pungent aroma belies the rich, mild flavor. This luxurious treat is a clear winner and our favorite cheese, of all those TJ’s has on offer. And it’s a steal!

  39. Diane A

    OMG! Tried this cheese for the first time at Christmas. Bought 2 boxes after that, but now it’s not available. Is it only out during the holidays? We like to eat it with genoa salami and warm french bread. Goes great with wine.
    Next year I will buy more boxes.

  40. Ingrid Boon

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CHEESE. I look for it each time I am in the store and buy a ton of it and it actually freezes well. LOVE IT!!!

  41. Kris J

    One of my favorite cheeses of all time. I bring it to parties and people love it. Thank you TJ’s for having it in stock, and PLEASE consider having it all year.

  42. Gilbert

    They ran out of this cheese at my local Trader Joe’s! What gives! This is my favorite brie by a long shot, it tastes better than every other brie I’ve tried. I usually sprinkle a generous amount of black pepper on it and eat it with warm bread or crackers (you’ve got my personal guarantee on the black pepper trick). Please restock, this ain’t a game, Joe, these are people’s snacks you’re messing with!

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