Trader Joe’s Camembert Soft Ripened Cheese Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Camembert Soft Ripened Cheese Reviews

  1. Ann de Farra

    Your Trader Joe’s Camembert Soft Ripened cheese is delicious.
    Does it come from Normandy? If it is American it is the only one I’ve ever tasted that was like the French camembert from
    Normandy. Anyway, it is wonderful. If it is French, please keep
    importing it.

  2. Tom Silver

    I’ve purchased and tested this three times, thinking maybe I got a bad batch. But, NO! It tastes like the spackle you put in your wall over hammer nails and cracks. I don’t know where they traded it, but it isn’t soft, it isn’t aromatic, and it isn’t french cheese. Maybe the french made a “raw deal” with the American Trader Joe?

  3. Anna E.

    That Camembert is very nice looking and I first thought it might need to mature. But regardless the taste is strangely bland. I do not expect home brands to be like the French brand names but still…Disappointed.

  4. Rick

    Nice texture, but it’s certainly not Camembert. It tastes like a very bland brie.

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