Trader Joe’s French Market Sparkling Lemonade Reviews

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21 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Market Sparkling Lemonade Reviews

  1. Wes

    The idea for this was good, but the execution is a little off. It almost tastes like a Juice Squeeze, but the flavor just isn’t quite present enough. It’s too close to tasting like plain seltzer water.

  2. Ali Reedy

    oops.. I never comment on online things like this but the whole reason I got to this site was to research if there are other sparkling lemonades like Trader Joes’ that could possible compare; as I’m moving to Georgia where there aren’t any Trader Joes… I know, how will I survive haha but yea I saw the other comment and I’m sorry but I have to disagree 100%… This drink brings life haha and ive had it practically my whole childhood… My friends love it and our favorite chill time is when were drinking this lemonade in wine glasses and bingeing on Netflix and pizza… I SWEAR THE BEST DRINK IN THIS WORLD. It’s very light and refreshing but still really sweet and bubbly… Not sure how this whole Georgia thing is gonna turn out without it…
    And yes, I do happen to live in a peanut gallery lollll

  3. Ali Reedy

    ***the PINK sparkling lemonade***

  4. Cherie Moran

    Elegant and refreshing!

  5. Sharon

    They changed the formula and it sucks- thanks 2020 yet again

  6. Karen Jones

    I agree with Sharon- they changed the formula and its not as good!! Please change it back to the way it was!! It was so good!!

  7. Kay

    Just got a bottle and was surprised how much the flavor has changed. It’s nothing like the original, and I won’t be buying anymore.

  8. Jill

    The new formula is terrible. Please change it back to the old one, which was so much better.

  9. Liz

    One star because I have to put a star. This was the only lemonade I would drink. Always bought multiple bottles. The flavor formula has changed. The flavor just isn’t right, it’s more flat and the after taste is somewhat weird. Please bring back the old formula!

  10. Maria

    They change the formula and I don’t like it anymore . Please change it back !! Thanks

  11. CNJones

    The new formula is terrible. The ruined a very good product.

  12. Cece

    Trader Joe’s French Lemonade has changed the formula. It used to have a very pleasant flavor and was perfect as a thirst quencher on a warm day. The new French Lemonade is just really bad. Doesn’t anyone at Trader Joe’s compare the taste of the original and replacement products at the same rime before putting the Replacement out on the shelves? We used to buy 6 or more bottles a week in summer….no more! Maybe TJ could consider passing these reviews onto to The French company that makes this product. No shame in trying something new, rejecting the new flavor and returning to the original product. Just ask Coca Cola!

  13. Anna

    The new formula is so bad. This used to be my favorite drink ever. Now I won’t even buy it :/

  14. Luisa

    I never had the original so can’t compare, but this tastes like tonic water, not lemonade. It would be good for a slight citrus twist in a gin and tonic, but if you are expecting it to taste like lemonade, you’ll be disappointed. I happen to like tonic and things not too sweet, so I like this, but it’s confusing. Seems like the wrong product got in the bottle.

  15. Anonymous

    I’ve waited Over a year to get my hands on it again, only to be disappointed by the new formula.

  16. Rose

    I’m a self-proclaimed lemonade connoisseur and this is one of the best lemonades I’ve ever had! I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s normally but I make it a point just to go there for this drink. Love it!

  17. Deb

    This sparkling lemonade WAS so amazingly good I always bought several bottles at a time. Since my ‘stash’ recently ran out… I went to TJ’s today and bought several more. It’s GROSS…. just like the comments above describe! It doesn’t taste anything like lemon and even the carbonation is different. I am soooo disappointed! I bought extra to bring to my grandson’s birthday party this weekend but I’m bringing all of the bottles back including the bottle I opened. Given dates of above comments TJ’s ought to know by now that the ‘new version’ product is NOTHING like the prior version. Shame on TJ’s for continuing to sell this gross version with the same bottle/label w/o any reference that it’s totally different!!

  18. Antonia

    The new formula is gross!

    It has a bitter taste of stale chemically-treated lemon juice. I used to buy 8 bottles a week of the old stuff; it used to be 90 calories a serving. Now it’s almost double that and tastes ABSOLUTELY VILE! If I could give it -10 Stars I would!

  19. Marcus – Dissatisfied

    Ahh boy, here we go again, another company changing something that was perfect to something rotten for no apparent reason. I used to absolutely love this drink, why was the formula changed? I used to be amazing! There was nothing wrong with it. This husk of what used to be amazing now tastes like something horrible/expired! Does anyone have the original recipe? Please change it back!

  20. Trish

    Not the same at all, such a shame. Believe it or not, I was more disappointed at the new enemic looking label! Loved the old label, particularly for its old French looking style which lends itself to to a stylized “French” look, great for table presentation. So very disappointed indeed. I’ll look for something else in another place in the future.

  21. Anonymous

    This tasted SO BADLY! It tasted DIRTY. Perhaps it was from too much SUDSY FROTH from the bubbly fizz or maybe there is just some weird sediment or chemical in it that tastes weird. It also tasted too BITTER and Bland, not sweet and lemony like most lemonades. Just awful. Soon after drinking it I developed severely itchy swollen HIVES all over my body that continued for hours the next morning! Not sure if I had an allergic reaction to it or something else I ate or if it was due to a different cause. Not sure if it was related to this “lemonade “ or not, but this drink and some kids fruity gummy snacks were the only things I ate the entire day! So… it has a High probability that it might have been due to this Lemonade! :O

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