Trader Joe’s French Market Sparkling Lemonade Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Market Sparkling Lemonade Reviews

  1. Wes

    The idea for this was good, but the execution is a little off. It almost tastes like a Juice Squeeze, but the flavor just isn’t quite present enough. It’s too close to tasting like plain seltzer water.

  2. Ali Reedy

    oops.. I never comment on online things like this but the whole reason I got to this site was to research if there are other sparkling lemonades like Trader Joes’ that could possible compare; as I’m moving to Georgia where there aren’t any Trader Joes… I know, how will I survive haha but yea I saw the other comment and I’m sorry but I have to disagree 100%… This drink brings life haha and ive had it practically my whole childhood… My friends love it and our favorite chill time is when were drinking this lemonade in wine glasses and bingeing on Netflix and pizza… I SWEAR THE BEST DRINK IN THIS WORLD. It’s very light and refreshing but still really sweet and bubbly… Not sure how this whole Georgia thing is gonna turn out without it…
    And yes, I do happen to live in a peanut gallery lollll

  3. Ali Reedy

    ***the PINK sparkling lemonade***

  4. Cherie Moran

    Elegant and refreshing!

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