Trader Joe’s Fish Nuggets Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fish Nuggets Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    A pretty solid product, for what is it. Basically just chunks of breaded fish fillets. The breading is decent and the fish is flaky. Nothing extraordinary, but a fairly good contribution to the fish-nugget market.

  2. Anton Hougardy

    This product is our family’s staple favorite. It boasts the lowest amount of carbohydrates of similar products and the highest fish-to-breading ratio we’ve found at various grocers. Job well done!

  3. Anonymous

    Beautifully crispy, golden batter that doesn’t feel too greasy. The fish inside is a nice delicate and flaky white fish that has a great texture and very mild flavor. Pair it with some tartar sauce and fresh lemon to elevate it, or even better, make some quick and easy fish tacos! Highly recommend this product, it blows most frozen battered/breaded fish products out of the water.

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