Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Malawi Coffee Reviews

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100% Arabica whole bean coffee, medium roast.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Malawi Coffee Reviews

  1. Barbara

    I like this a lot. A disclaimer, first–I am not an informed coffee drinker, and I hate over-roasted (aka burnt) beans. I just brewed a cup of this with my Moka pot (no coffee sommelier stuff–regular tap water and a 25-yr-old blade grinder) and the resulting coffee was wonderful. Rich, enough body for a medium roast, smooth, and a wonderful spicy after-taste. Not a hint of corporate coffee about it. I will buy more.

  2. Leah

    I typically do no like coffee because it does not taste like if smells and is usually bitter, but this coffee I love. I just bought my first bag this week and will be buying more. I used a cheap grinder and a k-cup machine and turned out wonderful. I had tried this originally at a friends house.

  3. Giro

    Why is it short seasonal period? Why not year sell tht Malawi coffeee all around year? Can I get it again?

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