Trader Joe’s A Tasting of Ten Teas Reviews

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A collection of teas from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Germany, South Africa, and Malawi, including Raspberry Black Tea, Bergamot Black Tea, Chai Spiced Black Tea, Assam Black Tea, Licorice Root & Ginger White Tea, Minty Green Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea, Vanilla Rooibos Tea, Lemongrass Rosehip Infusion, and Floral Herbal Infusion.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s A Tasting of Ten Teas Reviews

  1. Bernie

    I bought these at Christmas!! I love all of the loose tea flavors. I wish they had these all year round!!!

  2. SageGrouse in Santa Fe

    the packaging is beautiful, sturdy and easy to use. The blends included are delightful. Ample amounts of each tea give the customer a chance to really eveluate and compare teas (and two non caffeinated blends) and enjoy more than just a “taste”

    What a delightful luxury this is! Thank you Joe, for a real treat! I got this as a gift, from a thoughtful neighbor… but I intend to buy it again if it is still available! YUM!

  3. Charles Herold

    In any sampler, you’re liked to find a mix of stuff you like and stuff you don’t. That’s kind of the problem with samplers, and it creates a certain frustration, since TJ doesn’t sell any of these singly.

    Some of these teas I go through quickly, like the raspberry black tea and vanilla roobois, but eventually I wind up with a full container of peppermint (I really think peppermint works best as an herbal tea; I find this one too bitter) and most of the lemongrass, which I can take or leave, just wishing I could replace those with something I like better.

    Still, I love about a third of these, and like all but the two mentioned above, so overall I’m a fan.

  4. Irene

    Received as gift for Christmas. Loved it and anxious to try it. Used it once….tea was delicious. Rinsed out the diffuser and turned upside down to dry. It tipped over on the counter (nothing hard) and instantly cracked in half at one of the slits. Definitely not pyrex or shatterproof. Very disappointed. Will still use all the tea. The idea was quaint but not well made. No sure where to get a new infuser…..

  5. Zohour Madi

    I love this gift

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