Trader Joe’s Eight Candles Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

Dripless and self-extinguishing.

3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Eight Candles Reviews

  1. Beverley

    Great candles. Why is the store out of these candles?

  2. Luz M Carmona

    I love this candles. When they coming I love this candles. I’m waiting for them

  3. bobbie smith

    These are the best candles I have ever received. My friend, who shops at Trader Joe’s often, was kind enough to introduce me to the brand. I don’t drive across the bridges to get to the closest Trader Joe’s very often, but she goes there often, as she works off island. I saved the packaging that the candles were in, so when they were in stock, I might be able to order more for the coming season. I need the dripless because my chandelier, hanging over the dining table, only takes real candles. You can imagine what might happen if they were to drip into the food or onto someone’s head! I just want to know if they will be available this coming season? if so, I might even drive over the bridges to buy them!

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