Trader Joe’s Edel-Marzipanstollen Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Edel-Marzipanstollen Reviews

  1. Janet

    Not good! It is the worst pastry I’ve ever eaten! Weird sweet flavor and a grease that coated my tongue and throat. Too bad, it looks so good!

  2. brian

    9/10, only thing i would add would be make the loaf itself more moist

  3. Barbara Andry

    I love it !! sometimes you may get one a little dry but the marzipan center keeps it pretty moist….just like the ones we had in Germany

  4. Janeth

    One of the best i have ever tried!!! Very flavorful!

  5. Ty Ellison

    I am German and it is the real thing. Get one every year. Sending my partner to go get one.

  6. Vera Carmon

    I love Marzipan Christstollen and Trader Joe’s has one of the best .

  7. Carlos Hernandez

    Amazeballs!! Fricken love it!!

  8. Wendy Friedman Marin

    This is so good and so addicting! I wish I could get this all year round! Great with coffee!

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