Trader Joe’s Dressed Up Mango Reviews

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Dark chocolate dipped sweetened dried mango slices/pieces.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dressed Up Mango Reviews

  1. Sternman

    I love the idea of this, and they’re not bad! Nice to have for a relatively healthy dessert or snack compared to some other options. The thickness of the chocolate on the end is a good fit and goes well with the amount of mango in it. The chocolate itself also tastes good, and not like cheap quality.

    The tin it comes in is also nice; feels like something you could give as a stocking stuffer type of little present (if it would fit!).

    My complaints:

    1. I don’t know if I was just doing something wrong, but it took me forever to be able to open the tin. There’s a later of plastic tape type stuff keeping it closed around the edges. Which is great, that it helps keep it fresh, but it wasn’t like the typical plastic edging that you’d find on, say, a pint of ice cream, with an easy way to tear and peel it off in one swoop. Or if it was, I somehow missed it. It kept just coming off in little pieces at a time.

    2. This is probably a dumb complaint, but I was hoping the mango flavor itself would be stronger. It has a nice chewy (but not tough) texture, and the sides with the chocolate on the end are my favorite of course! But would’ve liked to get even more of a strong mango taste out of it.

    Overall though, if you like dried mangos, I would recommend giving it a try!

  2. Kathy Eigenberger

    Grand daughter loves dried mango and dark chocolate. Bought this tin and it was a hit. So good. The tin is really cute and we are going to give as gifts. Dressing up the silver tin with vinyl and labeling it “Messed up Mango”. Great for last minute gifts and neighbors. Very cute.

  3. Violet

    The taste was fine. I love dried mango and I like chocolate. I remember these smelling weird though.

  4. Greg

    Absolutely the best dried and dipped mango out there….the tin makes it a great stocking stuffer. Hope this is in the stores again this season.

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