Trader Joe’s Double Chocolate Shortbread Wreath Cookies Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Double Chocolate Shortbread Wreath Cookies Reviews

  1. Mike

    Very chocolatey! For hardcore chocolate lovers.

  2. Danise

    Absolutely delicious !!!!!! Can’t stop eating them once I start

  3. Faith DeShong

    Best shortbread cookies ever! Trader Joe’s you amaze me with the talented food that you continually bring out. I hope and pray that you guys will make this all year round cookie and not just seasonal because it is so good.
    Thank you for doing such an amazing job!

  4. Marguerite McPherson

    These are my very favorite cookies from Trader Joe’s, and I was REALLY looking forward to buying them again this winter, but was told two weeks ago that they will not be in this year. WHY????? They are the BEST cookies ever!

  5. Kate

    Please bring these cookies back if not all year, then seasonally because they are truly amazing with all natural ingredients. One can not find a replacement anywhere for this product

  6. Maria

    Nothing like it at TJ these days. WISH they’d bring it back. FAVORITE TJ cookie and selection of ALL time. I dream of them.

  7. Liesl McGuinness

    I dream of them too, especially this time of year!!! Please bring them back

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