Trader Joe’s Double Chocolate Croissants Reviews

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Chocolate croissant dough filled with semi-sweet chocolate. Just proof (let rise) and bake! Box comes with four croissants.

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Double Chocolate Croissants Reviews

  1. LInda

    We have long been fans of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants. The new Double Chocolate Croissants, however, are a disappointment. The lamination is still good but flavor in the all chocolate variety is somehow lost. Unfortunately, they seem to have replaced our favorite with the all chocolate.

  2. Julie Ward Carnegie

    Need to know more about ingredients. Are stabilizers interfering with quality. The product smell, although, indicating good until feb2024/ doesnt have the ‘i love dark chocolate aromatic effect’ searching now– to know more about the following:
    > dough conditioner enzyme
    > powedered processed akali
    > ascorbic acid enzymes

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