Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mini Falafel Reviews

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A savory, tangy, pickle-y take on the classic Middle Eastern dish. Vegan and ready to heat & eat.

10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Mini Falafel Reviews

  1. megan

    they smelled like pickles when first baked but no strong pickle taste. i also thought they were very dry. overall okay!

  2. Cindy

    Dry. Dry. Dry. I guess with an amazing dip it might help, but I’ll pass on these. I air fried them and put on a salad.

  3. TSP

    very filling but dry, no matter how you make them.

  4. Jamie

    I think these are delicious. They’re kind of reminiscent of hush puppies. They definitely need a sauce, but I think all falafels need a sauce. I eat them with hummus and pita or put a bunch on a roll with lettuce or raw kale.

  5. AB

    Gave these a try and I love these! Everyone says their a bit dry but thats going to be expected with falafel…I warmed mine up, and put fresh squeezed lemon over mine. They were sooo yummy! You can taste the dill pickle as well! You can add them to a salad or just eat them alone. Good source of protein for vegans!

  6. SSS

    What a great product. Serving size is quite filling and they are very tasty. They have been a side, a main, and a salad addition in our home. Everyone enjoys them.

  7. Dave F.

    WoW, these guys are such a great new idea for TJ’s. They really are a step up from the average falafel balls you find in the grocery store. The seasoning is way more exciting, the texture is more appealing, and the calorie-count is to freaking DIE for. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first bought them, but I was absolutely surprised in the best way. They are a lot easier to eat “solo” than regular falafel balls, and there is an impressive amount of food in each bag!! I eat them as snacks, or in a more traditional pita / tomato setting. I can easily fill up my stomach, while keeping my meal under 250 calories. There are not a lot of other foods that can do that. But even if it was 5xas fattening, I would still eat the … because they are totally delicious!

  8. Blanster

    These are such a fantastic surprise. Very yummy. I will be buying them again for sure.

  9. CR

    These were surprisingly good! Added mine to pita with cucumbers, garlic hummus and hot sauce. Perfect for lunch or a light dinner.

  10. Ali

    Flavor is good. Not really pickle flavor but dill, yes. They are quite dry. Even with beano, these gave me the most painful stomach ache on two different occasions. Will be throwing out the rest.

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