Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Black Tea Reviews

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Each box comes with 40 tea bags.

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115 reviews for Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Black Tea Reviews

  1. emcee

    I’ve been enjoying this tea for years. So sorry to hear this has been discontinued!

  2. Caroline Marsh

    Has this really been discontinued?
    My favorite tea! I’m very disappointed.

  3. Susan F

    I have two or more cups of tea a day. TJ’s decaf irish breakfast tea is my favorite.

  4. Moe

    I am truly disappointed to hear this tea has been discontinued. Please bring it back as it was my favorite, no other decaf tea can compare. I was advised by my doctors to drink decaf beverages and I’m not a coffee drinker.
    Again I’m heartbroken you discontinued it especially without warning, I would have stocked up. If Trader Joe’s has some type of platform that shows soon to be discontinued please let me know as my Trader Joe instant Cinnamon & Spice was also discontinued abruptly.

  5. roberta08

    I must have tried 1/2 dozen other Decaf tea’s, & TJ’s was the ONLY one with any taste. So sorry to hear it’s been discontinued. I hope they reverse that decision.

  6. Mary

    I love this decaf tea! Please, bring it back! There’s no other tea like it on the market.

  7. Christine

    Another sad customer. TJs Irish Breakfast tea was the best. I switched to Barry’s Irish Breakfast. A decent alternative but I
    miss TJs tea.

  8. Sally

    This is my favorite and I drink it everyday. Please bring it back., it is the best decaf tea on the market!

  9. Kip Hodges

    This is a tragedy! One of the main reasons I go to Trader Joes is to get this tea and now it’s discontinued. Why?

  10. Ally

    This has been go to since it was introduced. Please bring it back!!

  11. Megan Pearson

    Please please please please bring this back. it is the only tea I drink because all decaf black teas are insipid and tasteless, except this one.

  12. Mary

    Please bring back TJ’s DECAF IRISH BREAKFAST TEA! I have tried every brand of decaf tea and this brand is the only one i like. Very disappointed . It is why I shop at TJ’s : for the tea

  13. Patricia

    If this has truly been discontinued I’m very disappointed. It was the main reason we went to Trader Joe’s, since it’s not close to where we live. I guess we won’t go as often.

  14. MARK

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ bring this tea back. This is the best decaf black tea in the world and my life is incomplete without it!

  15. Bernadette B

    I am very disappointed in Trader Joe’s. Seems like they have been discontinuing items. I can’t believe they are not making the trader joe’s Irish breakfast tea decaf anymore. Why???? I was told it is not a popular item. By all these comments I think you are wrong. It was the best decaf around. Hope you reconsider and bring it back. Obviously we all love that tea.

  16. ADB

    Please bring back TJ’s Irish Breakfast Decaf tea – there are very few foods that I enjoy that fit into my various dietary restrictions. This tea was such a treat for me. Thanks!

  17. Kelly Dudek

    Please bring this back it is the best decaf tea on the market one of the reasons we shop at trader joes.

  18. Peta Jones

    I too would like to add to the ‘bring it back’ disappointment on the discontinuation of the Irish Breakfast decaf!
    I drank 4 boxes a month. My 2 daughters also used it. By the sound of these comments, you have many customers who bought and enjoyed the Irish Breakfast decaf.

    btw, I too am finding it difficult to purchase a good decaffeinated tea at another market.

  19. Linda

    The best tea ever. I went today to buy six boxes, and it is gone – please bring it back. Thanks

  20. Anonymous

    I am so disappointed that TJ has discontinued this. Please bring it back!!!

  21. Joan

    So sorry this tea is discontinued. Please bring it back asap. It is the only decaf tea that is any good.

  22. Glenn Kadish

    I’ve been drinking it almost every day for many years. I agree. Please bring it back!!!!!

  23. Serenity Guedel

    So sad and disappointed this is gone! This is the only truly flavorful decaffeinated black tea I have ever found! Would love to see it back in stores!

  24. J W

    Very disappointing this tea has been discontinued. One of the best decafs I have ever had. Trader Joe’s seems to discontinue many of the items that I have enjoyed since I’ve been shopping there in the early 1990s. Iused to enjoy many of the organic decaf coffees which were eliminated over the years except for a couple of the regular blends which are not that great. I find now that I shop there less often because so many items that I enjoy have continued to be eliminated. I truly hope TJ’s will bring this tea back.

  25. Leah

    Oh they HAVE TO bring it BACK 🙂 Pretty please!! It’s the best.

  26. June

    Please bring back TJ’s Irish breakfast Decaf Tea. My family is devastated!!! It is the best tea.

  27. b bowman

    Bring it back please! I am among the consensus here that TJ’s decaf tea is the only one that tastes like real tea! It is why I go to Trader Joe’s (and then buy other stuff). We poor decaf drinkers suffer enough not being able to drink a real cup of tea…

  28. T com

    I am on board with all the other reviews. I go to TJ’s for this particular tea. I’ve tried others and are horrible. Please consider bringing it back!

  29. David Swanson

    I really miss this tea. The taste great and my Doc. advises that I and my wife should drink decaf. It is by far the best. I hope Trader Joe’s reconsiders its decision to discontinue it.

  30. Emma, daughter of Linda

    My mother adores this tea and was completely heartbroken to make her monthly trip to Trader Joes to stock up only to find that it’s been discontinued. She will be among the loyal and grateful celebrants if this tea is returned to shelves. Please reconsider bringing it back. As you can see by this reviews page, it means an awful lot to folks to have a truly flavorful decaf black tea.

  31. shannon

    Please bring this back, I needed to switch to decaf and this was the best ever! I have been drinking it a couple times a day for about 3 years!

  32. Angela

    I am beyond belief. TJs has once again eliminated a popular item from their shelves. I, like most people here, am devastated. Due to heart issues I can only drink decaf tea.I’m English and was essentially nursed on English breakfast tea. I don’t drink coffee. To my delight, I finally found Trader Joe’s decaf English breakfast tea. I have been drinking it daily for years since. Based on my consumption alone, there shouldn’t have been a hint that this was an unpopular item. I used to go to TJs JUST to buy the tea, and I would clear the shelves of it when I could. Please, if you bring it back, I promise to buy more products at Trader Joe’s.

  33. Dave Wassenar

    This was the main reason I shopped at Trader Joe’s! I’d buy 20-30 boxes at a time (twice a year – I drink a lot of tea) and fill my cart with other items…Trader Joe’s you’re losing business this way – at least make it mail-order available! PLEASE!!

  34. John Conner

    The perfect, delicious morning black tea without the caffeine rattle. Disappointing that Trader Joe’s saw fit to discontinue such a popular item. “Lowest seller,” I was told by a worker at the Houston store. Maybe that’s because it has 40 bags instead of 20 like all the other Teas. It’s not only delicious, it’s a bargain! Bring it back, Trader Joe’s, and just as it was—no reduced bags or spike in price. Do the right thing.

  35. Grace A

    I cannot believe this tea has been discontinued…I am in shock….. like so many others, this is my daily tea, has been for YEARS, I’ve tried every other kind of decaf tea and nothing compares. I cannot have caffeine but I love my daily milk tea so so much. WHO CAN WE WRITE TO TO PETITION TO BRING IT BACK?! I would have literally stocked up on hundreds of boxes had I known!!

  36. Mary

    My favorite morning tea. No other decaf can compare. Please rethink this.

  37. Patty

    Please please bring this back!

  38. Laurel

    Another non caffeine drinker’s vote to bring this tea back.

  39. Kevin Hayes

    I just returned from my local Trader Joe’s where I learned the decaffienated Irish Breakfast tea has been discontinued. PLEASE consider bringing it back. I drink one cup of the Trader’s Joe caffienated Irish Breakfast in the morning, but typically drink one or two of the decaffineated in the evening. I have recommended both to many friends. It is very disappointing to think I will not be able to the decaf anymore! Again, please consider bringing it back.

  40. Darrell

    best decaf tea out there. Guess I’ll have to start over trying to find something else

  41. Angelina

    Ever since I discovered this tea I’d find myself running to the kitchen for just one more cup. Running out meant an immediate trip to Trader Joe’s because no other tea tastes as well. Can we find out how else to get it? Another supplier? I’ve been drinking different teas for years, but none has been as nice as this one.

  42. Angelina Reinecke

    Running out of Trader Joe’s tea was my trigger for planning a trip to TJ’s. I’d pick up a few other things but they weren’t the things that could trigger a trip. Trader Joe’s was the only place that supplied this great tasting tea. A major marketing error on Trader Joe’s part given the above reviews.

  43. MS

    No no no! So disappointed it’s discontinued. Any way to convince otherwise??

  44. Irish Julia

    I am absolutely bereft that this fine product has been discontinued and implore you to reconsider your decision. I have tried many other Decaf Irish Breakfast Teas and none compare or even come close to this hearty, tasty brew. I also appreciate that the pouches don’t come in a bunch of packaging or with a string or staple, so are much more environmentally friendly than other brands. PLEASE RECONSIDER and BRING BACK MY FAVORITE TEA!!!

  45. Heather

    Love the Decaf Irish Breakfast. More than a little annoyed it is gone.

  46. Trader Joe Shopper Heather

    Love the Decaf Irish Breakfast. More than a little annoyed it is gone.

  47. Brad Smeltzer

    I can’t believe it’s gone! What will I drink after my nap?! This has been a staple for years for my wife and myself. I think I’ll go eat a bug… I’m no fan of green tea by the way

  48. Ian T

    My mother was DEVASTATED they discontinued this. Please bring it back!

  49. Stephen R

    I’ll add my disappointment to this thread and hope Trader Joe’s will reconsider. I would echo all the praise that’s already been sung for this superb tea. (And I actually liked the old box design better, too.). Perhaps this tea was responsible for more sales than it alone would suggest? There are a couple of Trader Joe’s products, this being one of them, that are the entire reason I shopped at Trader Joe’s. Once there, naturally, I end up buying more than just those items. As you’ve eliminated a few of these over the years, I’m becoming less and less inclined to make a special trip there.

  50. Janet W

    Please bring back this tea. All the other decaf black teas taste like dishwater.

  51. Becky

    This is the best decaf tea that I have had!
    Please consider bring it back!
    Please don’t discontinue this tea!

  52. Anonymous

    I just have to pile on here- please, please bring back the Decaf Irish Breakfast tea. I’ve been going to my local store and not finding it- finally asked and was told it was discontinued. Why? Please bring it back- there’s nothing like it. I’ve been drinking it for years, and other decaf black teas just don’t do the job- they have no flavor and therefore don’t hold a candle to this one.

  53. Veronica Davies

    I am beyond heartbroken over the discontinued decaffeinated Irish Breakfast tea, it is absolutely the best
    , Please, please bring it back or at least tell us who makes it for you so we can buy from the source

  54. vanessa

    We love this tea! No caffeine and tea for the whole family!! Bring it back!!

  55. Judith Primak

    I was very disappointed today when I learned that you have discontinued the TJ decaf Irish breakfast tea. As you can see by the other reviews, you have upset many of your loyal customers. Please consider bringing it back and remove one of your “unusual” teas that are now on the shelves. This full bodied decaf tea is very special to many of us.

  56. Disappointed

    Trader Joe’s made a big mistake by discontinuing their decaf irish breakfast tea. Disappointed greatly that TJ is ignoring the pleas from so many to return this product back on their shelves.

  57. Donna Jud

    This is the best decaffeinated tea. I am like lost without it. It had such great flavor, nothing else compares. With all the above reviews how could it possibly be the lowest rated? PLEASE bring it back or tell us where we can get it. Maybe the manufacturer sells it under another name?

  58. Disappointed in Huntsville

    Just got back from my semi-annual TJ’s trip – a pilgrimage solely to purchase a bunch of decaffeinated Irish Breakfast tea. Everything else we purchase is an afterthought. Finding out from the store manager that my one and only hot beverage is discontinued broke my heart…and lost a customer for TJs.

  59. Mark Heminway

    Was saddened to see that it was discontinued.

  60. Anonymous

    This was the only decaf tea I’ve ever liked. It was my nightly ritual. Tried the decaf green tea and it’s rubbish.

  61. Anna

    Please bring this back. It is an essential part of our morning!

  62. Bob

    Very upset product was discontinued. Please go to their website and send them a message. Hopefully, they will bring it back if they listen to their customers.

  63. Shari Hoffman

    I am disappointed and angry that this tea was discontinued. This is the only tea that my whole family has been enjoying for years. I have tried so many others and this is the only one that we love!! Please Please bring it back, you will make a lot of families very happy!!

  64. Disappointed Forest Hills NY

    Please bring this back TJ’s Irish Breakfast Tea, it is by far the best decaf tea, we have drinking this tea for years along with the regular , not sure the reason for discontinuing this product ! But please bring it back! ASAP

  65. saffron shipper

    DEVASTATED that this TEA is gone. Your current tea selection assumes that if someone wants a decaf tea they want herbal; i do not want herbal. i have tried many decaf tea brands, this was absolutely the best even compared against expensive loose leaf from harney & upton. if you don’t bring it back, at least tell us who private labelled it. i wish there was an early warning system about soon to be discontinued items. I would have bought cases and stockpiled it the way Elaine stockpiled sponges. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK. I WILL FORGIVE YOU IF YOU BRING THIS BACK. BTW Went great with the discontinued cinnamon brooklyn babka which is way better than the brooklyn chocolate babka that remains.

  66. ClydaP

    I love this tea, drink it every day. Drive 100 miles to get it. (St Louis) Buy it by the bunch. Only have 40 pouches left. Please please bring it back.

  67. Vicki Kautz

    I am BEYOND crushed that Trader Joe’s Decaf Irish Blend tea has been discontinued. I seriously almost fell out in the store when I asked the worker ! I drink this tea faithfully. It has a strong delicious taste and I love it! I can’t drink green tea or regular tea due to a health condition and this was my go-to tea. I made it hot or cold!! Please please please please bring it back!! Sincerely, heartbroken and tealesss!

  68. Sara Sawyer

    Just learned this tea was discontinued. I’ve been drinking it for years. When I’m visiting a city with a Trader Joe’s I go to buy this tea. Won’t have the same need to visit Trader Joe’s if they no longer stock this tea.

  69. Terry Shaffer

    Bring back the Irish Breakfast Decaf Tea!!! Please. It was the best one out there

  70. Charles Simpson

    WHAT”S WRONG WITH TRADER JOE”S??? WHY have you discontinued the Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Black Tea??? SO RIDICULOUS!!! No consideration for your “LOYAL” customers!!!

  71. Regina

    I am extremely upset that this tea has been discontinued.
    So many items that I really enjoyed over the years all of a sudden disappear and are not on the shelfs anymore. Why??
    There are a lot less items now that I buy at trader joes.

  72. Isabel

    I love this tea. I am so depressed it has been discontinued

  73. Kate

    This is the reason I go to Trader Joe’s – of course, once there I fill up my cart but I was so disappointed when there was none in the store!!! It’s the absolute best decaf tea – I’ve tried so many other and they taste like ….
    Why? Why? Why?

  74. Lisa A TeaDrinker

    Add me to the list of disappointed tea drinkers. The closest Trader Joe’s is a 40 minute, mostly highway drive for me. I typically take 2-3 trips yearly to stock up. Was beyond saddened to hear this was discontinued. The decaf Irish Breakfast tea was so full of flavor, unlike every other decaf tea I have tried. I am not a green tea fan, and see that all of your decaf teas are now herbal or green. I like tea that TASTES LIKE TEA, not fruits, flowers or partially processed tea leaves. Please reconsider this decision, or at least consider providing another decaf black tea – English breakfast, Scottish breakfast, SOMETHING.

  75. Half Caffer

    If it is more expensive to make, just charge more. We’ll understand.

  76. Kelly

    I kept wondering if my store was just out or if it was discontinued. Super sad. It had such robust flavor, and I need decaf.

  77. Janis Szoke

    Been going to my local Trader Joe’s looking for the decaf Irish Breakfast Tea for few weeks now. My main reason for going to Trader Joe’s. Thought maybe it was available on line. Guess not. So disappointed to see it has been discontinued. Best decaf tea there is. I would drink three large cups of this a day. Please bring it back. Five stars for the tea. No stars for it’s being discontinued.

  78. Ginger

    It totally sucks that this was discontinued! Like so many others, I’ve been drinking it for years. Same thing with the balsamic vinegar salad dressing that they replaced with something I tried once and threw out.

  79. Jamie

    I *just* learned that you’ve discontinued the Decaf Irish Breakfast that I love. I’m very disappointed. I primarily drink (decaf) coffee, but when I want tea, that tea was my “go to.” Please bring it back!

  80. B

    Love, love, love this tea. If I knew it was being discontinued, I would’ve hoarded it. Every few years Trader Joe’s comes out with a new decaffeinated tea, I fall in love with it and drink it every night, they discontinue it and leave me hanging. I may have to switch to a different brand which makes me very unhappy. I can’t imagine why they discontinued this tea Other than it wasn’t selling as well as the caffeinated ones. Please reconsider Trader Joe’s! You put out the holiday tees seasonally, why not put this out seasonally?!

  81. Ash TrudingerSmith

    Is there any way to find the Irish Breakfast Decaffeinated Tea somewhere else? There is not a good replacement that I can find.
    It was the very best!

  82. PC

    I’ve had friends looking at every store for the TJ decaf Irish Breakfast tea. It was my favorite! So disappointed it’s been discontinued. Please consider making it available again.

  83. Linda

    Please bring back this fine tea. It is my favorite

  84. Laura Ramirez

    I noticed its absence during Covid and was advised that it was a supply chain problem. This was the best decaf black tea—and didn’t occupy much shelf space. All my tea drinking friends miss it. Please bring it back!

  85. Katieemm

    I came to Trader Joe’s to stock up on the decaf Irish breakfast like I have been…for what seems like going on 100 years now for my mom who’s 80+ and it’s her favorite…and we stock up for fear of it ever being out one time. But discontinued??!! This is…is just not possible! I will be kicked out if I do not come back with the coveted tea! I will be homeless!! Do you hear me Joe?? I will be HOMELESS!! Right out on the street if I don’t deliver the goods! And I’m the caretaker!! EGADS!!

  86. EJP

    Please bring this back!!! I’ve been drinking it for years, even take it with me when I travel. Please!!!

  87. PR Davenport

    I will just add my voice the choir. Please bring back this exceptional tea!

  88. jeff walker

    I’ve been driving from Kingman, az to T J’s Henderson, NV many times to get the irish Tea. I typically got a hundred $ worth of additional gro. Not much incentive to drive 100 miles over there any more. You quit selling Barbara’s crunchy oat cereal,
    you no longer sell black-strap molasses, really going to pot.

  89. A Eaton

    Best decaf black tea around. Bring it back.

  90. JIll B

    When I first tried this decaf tea I thought it was mislabeled – it was the first decaf tea I’ve ever had (45 years of searching) that actually tasted like tea. I cannot believe that you have discontinued it! It was what made me a TJ lover. There is not a TJ in my town, so I now have no incentive to make the trek there, even though I always find other things to buy. Please, please, please consider bringing it back.

  91. C A

    All the things people a have said are true. Best decaf tea. TJ’s is not close or convenient but this tea has been a main reason I’ve gone there. With covid and a parent with dementia I’ve been unable to get to TJs for some time. Finally able and found out this tea was discontinued. Please add my vote to bring it back. (Or tell us where we can get it.)

  92. CYNDI

    Bring back the Irish breakfast decaf. Was my main reason for trader joes runs..

  93. Judy

    PLEASE bring back the decaf Irish tea. It’s the only decaf that is good.

  94. Kelly

    Decaf irish breakfast tea. Please bring this item back.
    Been shopping trader joes for many years and this tea has always been a staple. We even bring it to our family in Ireland. They love it as well. Looking at all these comments i think you made a very poor decision on discontinuing this item!

  95. beverley spencer

    I, too miss TJ’s Decaf Irish Breakfast Tea and add my pleas to the many others that hope it will come back. Thank you Trader Joe’s.

  96. Susan

    I was full not to clear the shelves of this tea before it was gone. It’s a great peccant cup and I miss a terribly. Please bring it back.

  97. Concern Irishman In A Foreign Land.

    Bring back this tea, TJs. Do it. Do it now.

  98. Ronald T Manifold

    I need this tea. Where did it go?

  99. T Bag

    Um, Joe – where’s my tea?

  100. peter cohn

    Please bring this tea back. It has a loyal following!

  101. Bring Back to Irish Decaf tea Already

    Folks should listen to peter cohn. He speaks truth.

  102. Suzanne

    I was so surprised and disappointed when I went to Trader Joe’s a few months ago and found out this tea was discontinued. It was my favorite of all their decaf teas. Please bring it back!

  103. Lee Hagee

    This was the best decaffeinated tea on the market. Please bring it back! Please, please, PLEASE!

  104. Linda Langrill

    I love this tea, and I can only drink decaffeinated. So sorry I am unable to find it anymore. Please find a way to bring it back to your shelves!

  105. Lorrie

    Best tea ever! AND decaf, which is usually tasteless. Please listen to your loyal fans!

  106. Barbara

    I couldn’t agree more! When it was discontinued, I bought 25 boxes from another store that still had it in stock. My personal stock is currently running low now. PLEASE consider bringing it back!!!

  107. Laurin

    I am so disappointed that your company has discontinued the Trader Joe’s decaffeinated tea. There is no other decaf tea that compares to this tea. Please reconsider bringing it back. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

  108. Laurin

    I am so disappointed that your company has discontinued Traders Joe’s decaffeinated tea. There is no other decaf to compare with this tea. Please reconsider bringing it back. If I could give it 10 stars if it were available.

  109. Susan JM

    I just wrote to TJ (this is not read or reviewed by TJ here, it has no affiliation) to request they reconsider bringing back the decaf Irish bkfst tea. Instead of just writing here (which again is not going to Trader Joe’s corporate) please go to the tj website and at the bottom is a ‘contact’. Follow that to page where it says product concerns and write a request. The more people write to them maybe it will change the cancellation. Please do contact TJ on their website and request it.

  110. Dana

    Please bring this delicious tea back!!! I keep looking for it every time I go to Trader Joe’s with hopes that it will magically reappear …… I can’t drink caffeine and this was my favorite morning tea!!!!

  111. Anonymous

    I also miss this tea terribly and hope that you will bring it back!!

  112. John White

    Great tea. Please bring it back.

  113. Robert

    Please bring back “Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Black Tea”. It was my favorite Tea and I have not been able to find a good replacement brand.

  114. user-817511


  115. Seamus

    IMO … Trader Joe’s decaf Irish Breakfast Tea is easily #1 in decaf tea and arguably better than 90% of caffeinated teas. Thank you Susan JM for suggesting that we go to the TJ website and lodge our request there (where it might actually be seen by TJ’s).
    I will do that and will suggest that they take a look at the reviews on this site.

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