Trader Joe’s Decaf French Roast Instant Coffee Reviews

(13 customer reviews)

Decaffeinated 100% arabica coffee.


13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Decaf French Roast Instant Coffee Reviews

  1. Christine

    THIS IS MAGIC! I have been off coffee for 6 weeks and I feel so much better but I miss it so much. This is absolutely delicious and gives me everything regular coffee does in taste without all the crazy energy, crashes and hurry up moods 🙂

  2. marie

    very good!,, ive tried many other brands but this coffee has no after taste, just a very pleasant flavor..

  3. James

    Ok. Had to add about 2x to get the level of coffee-flavor I want. It definitely tastes like instant coffee.

  4. Thalia

    This instant coffee is amazingly delicious, but I can’t find anymore anywhere! I want more…. HELP!

  5. Gabrielle

    Much, much better flavor than their 100% Colombian Instant coffee. I tried the French roast because it is decaffeinated. I am NOT a connoisseur of coffee, however, noticed the flavor difference immediately. It is smoother. it is the best instant coffee I have drank to date. I can almost drink it without cream (my preference). It hasn’t been stocked for several weeks now. That’s disappointing.

  6. Monica

    I was so excited that they finally put out a [great-tasting] decaf version, and now it’s disappeared. I’ll keep looking and hoping for it to come back! It always made my day better! The dark roast is great, good flavor, warms my soul. Quick and easy, and even more soothing with a little milk or cream. It’s great for traveling, too!
    I like the regular instant, too, but I need to avoid the caffeine. So hurry back, decaf instant! No one else quite like you. ☕

  7. Brad in IL

    Monica – you’re correct .. this is a very good instant. Last couple of times I checked, the item has been on “production delay” without any word on when it might (if ever) come back.

  8. instant coffee lover

    Please bring back. My favorite decaf instant.

  9. Nancy M

    Best tasting decaf ever..and smart shaped bottle. Doesn’t roll if lying on it’s side.

  10. KendallGuy

    I know I am not the only one who loved this coffee. I too have tried many other brands including those that cost three times and am so disappointed to find out now that it is “discontinued”. Please, TJ, bring it back!! I promise I will promote it to my friends.

  11. Carol C.

    This is the best tasting Decaf I’ve ever tasted, bar none. I just learned that it has been discontinued due to TJ’s inability to get it anymore. Since it’s made in Columbia, are the cartels holding it hostage? Please pay the ransom and get it back on the shelves!

  12. Anne Nicolson

    This was my favorite coffee, too. Am so disappointed that it has not been brought back. Just had some today from a little container that I had stuck aside for trips (not taken). It I probably 8 months or more old and still delicious.

  13. Anonymous

    Please bring it back. Love this!

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