Trader Joe’s Dairy-Free Black Tea and Boba Ice Cream Reviews

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Vegan coconut non-dairy frozen dessert with tapioca pearls.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dairy-Free Black Tea and Boba Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Siena

    If you’re already a fan of bubble tea, you’ll love this! Just the right amount of sweetness & tapioca pearls. So creamy and flavorful. I usually prefer an oat or nut milk in ice cream, but I can’t even tell the difference in this. There’s no coconut taste, and they got the consistency down perfectly. The calories are pretty great too, 600 something for the entire pint <3 Will def continue purchasing when craving a sweet treat.

  2. Ethan

    It taste like thai iced tea instead of your regular bubble tea. Nothing wrong with it, just doesn’t taste like bubble tea.

  3. Tirim

    It’s really delicious. The first bite in intense and maybe even a bit jarring, but then it’s just amazing. Somehow they keep the texture of the boba mostly soft and chewy, though there are a few tougher ones in there. I truly hope they keep this one forever!!

  4. Katy

    It’s so good! Like one of the other reviewers noted, it does taste like Thai ice tea with boba. It’s so good! I went back to Trader Joe’s to get more, but they are sold out. Please keep stocking this!

  5. GEND

    Had a weird aftertaste, but it wasn’t terrible! the tapioca pearls were nice and chewy

  6. S

    Not bad. Lot of sugar (30g) per serving. Doesn’t taste that sweet though. Definitely can taste the tea. I took the last one as it’s discontinued since 2/14/24.

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