Trader Joe’s Dahlia Flowers Grow Kit Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dahlia Flowers Grow Kit Reviews

  1. Victoria

    Dahlias are my favorite flower, and since I recently decided to give gardening a try, my boyfriend got me a grow kit. To me, a grow kit is something somebody would buy if they are completely clueless with plants, which I am. I found the instructions to be confusing and I hope I did it correctly, but I guess only time will tell.

  2. Pam

    I found the instructions confusion as well. Still not sure I did correctly
    Searching now for how to video!!

  3. Des

    I received this as a gift and found the instructions confusing also. I hope I did it right!

  4. cheryl

    I bought this kit and did everything they said and nothing grew, never had a problem with flowers growing before. Wont buy this kit again.

  5. Kimba

    Very poorly written instructions. I’m just going to guess, which isn’t ideal.

  6. Chery Barfield

    I purchased the tulip grow kit in March and the store clerk informed me that I can grow them inside before planting them outside. I followed the instructions and will the seedlings did grow, it’s very fine sproutings, I can see where tulips even miniature ones can actually flower. Would not purchase again.

  7. T

    Instructions as SO confusing. Do I fully cover the bulb with the soil? Says make a two inch hole which is not it big enough for the full bulb crown. It feels weird to have so much bulb sticking out. I bought his for my 18 month old for a gardening project. It’d be wonderful for him to witness something he planted grow. We’ll see, so far not fully convinced.

  8. Happygardener

    Mine was slow to grow, but it has grown beautiful once the weather heated up. I wish I could add a picture!

  9. Shellene

    Dahlias are my favorite flower so my daughter gifted me this for Mother’s Day. It was my first year growing dahlias. I’m hooked! One can always google how to grow anything on YouTube. The tin is way too small for a grown dahlia plant, but okay to start the Tuber and then transplant once it’s about 12” tall. It has lots of foliage and was slow to flower, but when it did it was a beautiful 4” decorative dahlia. It is the short stem variety so not great for cutting, but the color is a bluish red purple, violet. Very happy with the gift and the outcome. It’s time to lift and store the Tubers until time to plant again in the spring. Learning all this on YouTube.

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