Trader Joe’s Crunchy Almond Butter Puffs Cereal Reviews

(11 customer reviews)

Crunchy rice and quinoa puffs coated coated with almond butter and dusted with powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crunchy Almond Butter Puffs Cereal Reviews

  1. Wyatt S.

    I had high hopes for these, but unfortunately they were a major disappointment! I was thinking they might be like a healthier version of Reeses Puff type of cereal.

    The reality? These were super hard and way too crunchy (watch out for your teeth!), and the flavor wasn’t very strong. The bag was also fairly small, but given that it’s not very good, I guess I wouldn’t want more anyway!

  2. Nick C

    These are incredibly hard and difficult to chew. The flavor is almost non-existent and not very pleasant. The bag is about 1/3 the size of the box and while that was initially disappointing given the price of the cereal, it’s a relief after having tasted them. Stay away from these, huge failure from TJ’s. It almost makes me question if anyone taste tested these before they put them on the shelves.

  3. Stephanie

    I was hoping that these would taste something like Reese’s, which have a great taste and texture. I was disappointed. They’re awful. They taste nothing like almond butter and honestly taste more like cardboard box that they came in. Yuck.

  4. James A Etchison

    It’s a tiny box, and inside is a weirdly even tinier bag. You can get two big bowls of cereal out of a box of this cereal. Maybe they should start selling each puff individually?

  5. Roger A.

    It is the best cereal I have ever tasted, soft and crunchy texture, the almond flavor is delicious and the most important thing is healthy, it has Quinoa.

  6. Mateo A.

    These are amazing! Best choice ever for healthy cereal! The Quinoa is amazing and the flavor just right, not too sweet as most cereals one can find everywhere around!

  7. Michelle J

    Absolutely in love with this healthy cereal! Amazing and natural flavour. These are downright delicious, can’t believe is Quinoa! Great discovery!

  8. Charles V

    Awesome healthy crunchy cereal. My kids loved them! Nice texture with an amazing almond butter flavor ! It combines very well with almond milk 🙂

  9. Alejandro F

    Great cereal. Taste is just right. There could be a bit more cereal on the box but I guess I should check the weight rather than the box size. Tastes healthy.

  10. Amanda

    I love the crunch and keeping these around for an afternoon snack! Also great for snacking on road trips. Healthy macros and filling.

  11. Whitney

    I think the flavor is great. I was interested in trying because I’m trying to watch what I eat- but wanted to splurge a little. The texture though??? ugh- so hard and crunchy. I’m only here because I had to google it to see if it was SUPPOSED to be that way, or if I got a weirdly stale box. Looks like this is a common problem/the way they were supposed to be.

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