Trader Joe’s Cracked Olive Salad Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

Mixed pickled vegetables, green and black olives and capers in seasoned oil.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cracked Olive Salad Reviews

  1. Rachel

    its not good. there is barely any pickle tang. it is packed in straight oil. so its just greasy. they way I used it was drained all the oil and filled the container with pickled pepper juice. the size of the veggies is great for a salad. but its a hard no for me.

  2. chri

    I LOVE IT.. i made rigatonis for dinner and we put this on them, and some on the green salad. so good!!!!

  3. Lance

    My new Trader Joe’s obsession. Great flavor, slightly tangy. Great with pita chips.

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