Trader Joe’s Crab & Langostino Rangoon Reviews

(8 customer reviews)


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crab & Langostino Rangoon Reviews

  1. Ronnie

    Meh. You can’t even taste the cream cheese all that well, and the crab doesn’t taste very fresh.

  2. Martha

    Yuck! Very disappointing. Reminded me of cat food.

  3. Jeremy Quist

    Not good. Very fishy, no cream cheese. Do not buy

  4. Tamika Smith

    I actually love them you may need to cook them properly to enjoy them

  5. Sheldon Rubin

    Horrible fishy taste. Don’t buy

  6. Thomas Kelsall

    When cooked properly this is a very fine dish to eat along with sipping a white wine. Thank you

  7. Frank Gallagher

    These taste amazing! FYI Ronnie they’re not fresh they’re frozen lol

  8. Mike Hunt

    When cooked properly they taste great! Stop eating cat food Martha it’s not good for you!

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