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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crab Cakes Reviews

  1. Kaaren Petersen

    I would give them a 0 if it was an option! I bought one package and followed exact directions- they were MUSH. I love crab cakes, I REALLY wanted to like them! I cooked them 15 minutes longer- NO improvement, I literally had to throw them out. Fool that I am, I tried again, this time even cooking at 50% power for 30 seconds (they come out of the packed like a brick!) before putting them in a very hot oven! This time, higher temp for an EXTRA 25 minutes and STILL mush- thrown out again! I can’t believe that they are still stocking these! PLEASE DON’T BUY THESE THEY ARE HORRID! This comes from a true TJ’s fan:-(

  2. Laura

    Ive had great trader joes crab cakes in the past: and these were not it. I agree with the other reviewer: mushy. I fried them in a pan with butter: how could these be bad? I got a little bit of browning on them, and served them to myself and my husband with a salad: flavor was not impressive: just tasted and smelled like stinky crab, no other seasoning or flavors to note. I dont know how these got produced. waste of food.

  3. Minni Sota

    This is one of the few TJ’s products with which I am very disappointed. They are mushy and lacked flavor. My father once made crab cakes with FAKE crab meat and those were DELISH!

    TJ’s use to have these crab cakes that came in a clear plastic package that were flatter and wider and tasted WAY better than these. For THOSE crab cakes, I would happily give FIVE stars. Maybe they’ll bring those back? Please?

  4. Leslie

    I had to cook them for a LOT longer than recommended and then broil them to get them brown but I really liked them. Also, compared to other crab cakes that are mostly fat and fillers these are a win for me nutritionally.

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