Trader Joe’s Cornbread Mix Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cornbread Mix Reviews

  1. TW

    Love this cornbread. Have brought it to many parties and it always gets rave reviews.

  2. Debra Jean

    A bit too sweet and fluffy. Has dried whole corn kernels which did not rehydrate. Not horrible mix but not great. The box is big so I was surprised to discover that it only makes one smallish batch. Small bag of mix inside a big box.

  3. Amy Larsen

    I was disappointed with how sweet this is. It was almost a dessert. The texture was good, and the ease of preparation was also good. I felt the sweetness really overpowered the corn flavor.

  4. Carol Ann

    A little too sweet and crumbly for me but one of the better mixes on the market re value, flavor and density. Will sift and soak corn to try and rehydrate better. Also next time will use another egg to see if it is less crumbly.

  5. Lynn D.

    This was so sweet and awful and didn’t have much corn flavor. They put vanilla in it which means you can’t doctor it up with chiles and cheese. And what’s with the big box? I thought it would make at least a 9 by 13 inch pan, but it did not. Not cheap either

  6. Annalisa Colbert

    There is more sugar than cornmeal. This is a dessert, not cornbread. Gross.

  7. DW

    It is as sweet as birthday cake. Not bad tasting, but not good with chili unless you like crumbling cupcakes into your chili.

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