Trader Joe’s Condensed Cream of Portabella Mushroom Soup Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Condensed Cream of Portabella Mushroom Soup Reviews

  1. Reneau

    Heart, rich and thick! We really enjoy this. Find that it is not stocked all the time and hope that it would be. it is wonderful on its on as a warm and soothing soup but also perfect to add to other dishes as a creamy portabella flavored base. Many uses.

    And for those at work not using microwaves because fo the known inorganic rearrangements of the elements, simply adding hot water from any source offers the option for a warm meal especially on cool autumn and winter days.

  2. Don

    Bland and tasteless. Tastes very little like Portabella mushrooms (or any type of mushroom). Has nothing but a few tiny mushroom flakes. Canned mushroom soup taste much better and that is not saying much because canned really sucks. This is expensive for what you get. Do yourself a favor… Make you own homemade in about five-ten minutes. So, so easy and much, much better.

  3. Phil

    I love it makes great gravy.ney sayers are nuts

  4. jane foley

    Thick but has no flavor. Would only use it as a gravy base as it is too weak for soup.

  5. Cassandra

    I sampled this soup with the stuffing flavor kettle chips (TJ sample item), so my intentions were not to eat it as soup. We ended up eating the chips without and the soup sat in our pantry. I happened to use this soup in some Thanksgiving cornbread dressing and it was so good. Too bad it was not really Thanksgiving. We have Thanksgiving dinners about 4x a year. They did not have it available at the time we discovered how good it was in dressing, so this season I will load up. Can’t wait!

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