Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil Reviews

(29 customer reviews)

29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil Reviews

  1. james garrison

    i enjoyed the 16 oz Flax Seed oil why has it been discontinued ? Bring it back -want to mix the oil with food not take pills.

  2. Maxwell Hunter

    Good product.

  3. Anthony

    Bring the product back. It is an excellent product at the right price. If you need to add a couple dollars more it will still sell. Whole Foods is selling the product for more.

  4. Joyce

    please bring it back! And your “B” Complex!!
    Super disappointing:(

  5. m

    This is an excellent product. Please bring it back!

  6. Tomas

    Excellent product. I been using this product for years, please, please bring it back, even for more money people will still buy it.

  7. Vanessa Sagy

    YES -Please bring back COLD PRESSED FLAX SEED OIL. It has a nutty flavor and excellent mixed with mashed bananas and indeed anything. Very disheartened to see it has been withdrawn.

  8. Anonymous

    Why would you choose to discontinue such a great product?
    It was such a disappointment not to find it on the shelf. Please consider bringing it back.

  9. Anonymous

    Please bring this product back

  10. Aleksander

    I have tried various brands of flax seed oil..this is the top on my list … Trader Joe’s needs to bring this product back, or allow the public info how to order directly from the producer or distributor as the case may be… I’m ready to order a case of it myself …best tasting and very reasonably priced … I wonder why they would stop carrying such a great product makes no business sense … Alek

  11. Robin

    Excellent oil I have used in my salad dressing as many years as TJ’s has sold it.
    I’m so disappointed it’s gone. Where do discontinued products go? Can I buy it elsewhere?

  12. RoGo

    I love this oil, please bring it back!

  13. H

    Please bring this flax oil back. It was a staple in our house, and we’re really missing it.

  14. Phil

    I along with MANY others miss this product! It was the best tasting and at a low price. Please bring this back!!

    If any TJs bigwigs are reading this, please tell us what it will take to make this happen. Thanks

  15. Delma

    Please bring back the flaxseed oil. It was the only thing that helped my cholesterol issues.

  16. Patricia L

    Same – this was a staple in our smoothies – so disappointed it is gone!

  17. Jen

    Please bring it back! There’s no other product on the market that compairs!!

  18. Mary Reavis

    Absolutely love Trader Joe’s organic flaxseed oil! Please please please!! Bring it back .
    Charge a little more, if you must.

  19. Ann

    Very disappointed in Trader Joe’s for discontinuing yet another favorite product. Please, please bring back your cold pressed flax seed oil. Am finding less reasons to shop at T.J.’s when I have to go elsewhere anyway.

  20. MA

    I agree with all the others. Please bring back the flaxseed oil. I find myself not shopping as much at TJs since I have to go to other stores for my must have grocery items. Flaxseed oil is one of my must have’s…

  21. Louise

    The best for my eye problems- please please bring it back, it’s ok to charge more!

  22. Babs

    Please bring back liquid flax oil. Loved it and miss it. Would give it a 5 star if you still sold it!!!

  23. Colin

    I agree with all the others. Please bring back the flaxseed oil.

  24. Scott Bowlinger

    Please bring this great tasting oil back. It has a nutty taste that is not matched by any other oil I have found.

  25. S.F.

    Please, please, please bring back the Flaxseed oil! My family and I saw some amazing health results because of it, from cholesterol numbers dropping drastically, to fatty liver reduction. Charge more, I don’t care, I’ll pay it!….. P.S. Your powdered greens are greatly missed as well!

  26. Peter


  27. Patty Lopez

    I’ve bought flax seed oil from trader Joe’s and would love to have it brought back.
    It’s one of the healthiest items in the store.

  28. Lisa Martinez

    I went to Trader Joe’s to get some more flax seed oil which I could t find and the sales associate had no clue. Now I find that it has been discontinued and am very disappointed. I thought maybe it was my local that has gotten rid of a lot of items to make room for beer and wine – also very disappointing. Come on TJs – do better!

  29. Aronda Xystris

    This is by far the best flax seed oil on the market. Please consider bringing it back. Thank you.

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