Trader Joe’s Cleansing + Conditioning Hair Wash Reviews

(49 customer reviews)

Gentle, moisturizing, and generally suitable for all hair types. Grapefruit and mint scent.

Sulfate, silicone, detergent, and paraben-free. Non-foaming. According to the product description:

  • Reduces tangles, buildup, frizz & dryness
  • Enhances texture & volume
  • Reveals soft & shiny hair
  • Go more days between washes
  • No conditioner needed

49 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cleansing + Conditioning Hair Wash Reviews

  1. Natasha M

    Amazing! Really soft and gentle, comparable to high end cleansing cremes that are $35+. Leaves no residue and does not strip hair.

  2. Allie

    Terrible. I’ve used this twice now, once with letting it air dry and once with blow dryer. Both times, my hair felt like it had a weeks worth of product build up in it-that waxy feeling that is visible too. It is non foaming (as advertised) but it also doesn’t really feel like it disperses in your hair so for long hair, you feel the need to use more for the ends. I was really looking forward to loving this but unfortunately it’s a no for me and now I gotta go re-wash my hair

  3. Amy

    Love it so far. Soft and shiny!

  4. Kathy Bodie

    I already use Hairstory, which is uncomfortably expensive, so I tried this for only $4.99 and although it isn’t as thick as Hairstory I think it’s a good cheap alternative. I will use a few more times before I commit to canceling my Hairstory auto ship! Hoping it is as awesome as I think it is!

  5. Jennifer

    Oooh I like it! Have never used “Hair story” so have nothing to compare it to.
    My hair feels lovely. I did follow the directions and rinse it well. Definitely will continue using if it feels this good after each wash!

  6. Adriana L

    I love it, it makes my hair look and smell clean, it also gives nice volume without being too much, so fat I love it, hope it stays with the same quality.

  7. Anonymous

    Was really looking forward to this but my hair feels dirtier than before I washed it. I rinsed really well and still feel like I have greasy waxy buildup on my hair.

  8. MK

    Loved it! If you have thick curly dry-ish hair like mine, all you need it to stay away from sulfates and silicones. This product is awesome!!! It’s thick, has a great slip and smells nice. My hair was definitely less frizzy and softer after using it. I think the negative reviews are from people with thin/normal/oily hair, then I understand that can be a little too gentle on degreasing and rich in moisturizing… For coarse curly hair it is fabulous!

  9. Ann

    I’m sold. My hair was clean and tangle free. Love it!!!

  10. Geeena

    I have long straight thinnish hair that tangles very easily. I hate washing it because it takes a long time to brush it out afterwards. I’ve used this once, and my brushing out time was significantly reduced. I don’t feel build up or greasy like other reviewers have said . I usually use a ton of conditioner and leave in/detangling products, I only used this hair wash and combed out a little in the shower then wet brushed outside the shower it feels amazing today. I will update with how long I can go between washing, I usually go 3 days but have to use dry shampoo on the last day

  11. Lexi

    I actually really like this product. I have long, thin-ish, tends to get oily quick hair. I have experience with other products like this and my favorite is keracolors klenditioner, that one I can usually use on its own but if I wanted to go longer between washes I’ll shampoo before, then do that on top… so with this I use that same method. Wash with my shampoo first then use this. I have found that really helps with adding a couple of extra days between washes. I decided to try this because it’s easier to access the product and cheaper.

  12. Anonymous

    This thing is wonderful!

  13. Claudia Larsson

    just tried on my very thin, fine post chemo hair. i used to co wash as i had very thick dense hair – chemo 6 years ago left me w/ very damaged super thin and fine hair. this product works really well! I was surprised as I thot it would make my hair oily etc – hopefully Trader Joe’s won’t discontinue this!!!

  14. Becca crow

    My Daughter and I love the shampoo!!! It smells amazing it makes our hair very soft and tangle free!! We love it and I will definitely be going back for more!! Thank you trader Joe’s for your amazing products ❤️❤️

  15. Sil B

    I love this new product! I have fine short / med length hair. I love the volume I get from it. I just need to know if it’s color safe? Since I spend so much getting my hair colored. If it is safe? I’ll sure be saving a ton of money on sham & cond. Hope it is ?

  16. Anonymous

    I hope Trader Joe’s never discontinues this product! It’s perfect! Cleans, conditions and detangles perfectly. My hair gets super soft and manageable. Plus, smells nice and is affordable. Simply perfectly! My hair is in love with this product.

  17. Gerri

    I bought this shampoo on a whim. I have shoulder length processed, thick hair. This shampoo makes my hair soft and shiny. I love it!

  18. Rachel

    Perfect for curly hair. This product is not for people with straight hair. Gives great slip for curly hair smell is awesome too.

  19. mt

    this is a wonderful product! I am a religious WEN user and shampoo has not touched my hair in years. I am stocking up on this in case it is not around for the long term. I have curly hair and it works great!

  20. Jennifer Walz

    Amazing product!
    I have tons of hair but fine in texture. Dry ends but oily scalp. This cleaned so well and left my hair soft and easy to comb through. No greasy residue. I love the tingle feeling in my scalp, and the smell is great. It’s different that Walmart your used to. It doesn’t lather. I used a quarter size amount and scrubbed my scalp twice, rinsed and repeated. I will be purchasing more.

  21. Anonymous

    This is amazing for curly hair! It detangles very well and leaves my curls super soft and defined. I love the smell too, clean and fresh. I’ll definitely buy more.

  22. Amy R.

    First time ever leaving a shampoo review. This stuff makes my post-menopausal color-treated hair actually feel healthy. I also don’t pick up many hairs from the drain. Great product!

  23. Lauren

    Please never discontinue this hair wash. My hair is so soft, shiny and manageable! I have never found something like this before that leaves my wavy, frizzy hair in such a great condition. My hair is also not being pulled by my comb because the wash leaves my hair so silky. I was using some expensive shampoo from Davines that wasn’t doing much as this new inexpensive alternative. I love it and I’m addicted

  24. Lauren

    Please never discontinue this hair wash. My hair is so soft, shiny and manageable! I have never found something like this before that leaves my wavy, frizzy hair in such a great condition. My hair is also not being pulled by my comb because the wash leaves my hair so silky. I was using some expensive shampoo from Davines that wasn’t doing much as this new inexpensive alternative. I love it and I’m addicted

  25. Ncllnn

    It’s great. I have used every kind of cowash and this holds up to the expensive ones. I have thin long straight flat hair and this gave my hair body and not greasy. Make sure you rinse well otherwise you will experience what the negative reviews are saying

  26. Amanda

    My curls are so happy! Smells great, my hair feels clean but not stripped of moisture. Please keep this product!

  27. Kat

    Love this product and I’m hoping it won’t be one of Trader Joe’s products that you fall in love with and then they stop carrying it.

    It stands up to what it advertises and I can go a a few days without washing my hair depending on my activity such as a really sweaty workout. My hair is normal- not thick, not thin, straight and never oily. My hair feels very soft after drying. I usually put product in my hair before drying to help style it and to reduce frizziness but now I don’t have to. The whole family uses it too! My son has thick hair and always complains it poofs up too much. With this, no complaints and that’s a big deal when you have a teen!

  28. Anonimous

    I love it. Helps me wash and comb my hair in half the time, great detangler – beats every conditioner. Please keeps this product in stock.

  29. Just me

    Not for thin hair, or oily scalp! This is awful. I usually wash my hair every other day with high end shampoo, and conditioner only on the ends.
    This doesn’t clean my hair at all, no matter how much a rinse. I’ve tried half the bottle and threw it away. It feels greasy from the start, and no way I can last two days unless I have a greasy slicked ponytail. This reminds me of Co-Washing, which I can not do either.

  30. Jess

    Hair feels cleaner than with similar products and has great scent. Feels super soft too! I think those who are not feeling clean after using it may not be using enough. I recommend applying enough to saturate the scalp and massage it into the scalp for a few minutes. Since it doesn’t lather you need to work the product a little harder.

  31. AH

    Love this shampoo. Leaves my hair soft and smooth and I can skip two days shampooing and it still looks and feel good.

    Make sure you coat your hair well, work it into your scalp and then rinse thoroughly.

  32. ZombieXing

    Used by itself for fine hair gave me 1 day of control. Combined with Shampoo gives me 3 maybe 4 days between washes. This is a inexpensive alternative to oil cleansing. Would recommend to anyone. Make sure to always rinse thoroughly and don’t rinse in hot water use tepid or cool water instead

  33. Alexandra

    I started using this because I heard it was a cheaper alternative to New Wash, which is $40 for the same size. It works very similarly, not quiet as great, but this will be my new go-to shampoo/cleansing cream. I like the scent, although it isn’t as nice as NW.
    Don’t try to use it like a normal shampoo – you need to thoroughly wet your hair, massage your scalp, then generously apply it to all of your hair. Let it sit for your entire shower, then massage your scalp again, slowly adding a little water to work it through your hair. Rinse using massaging motions again. Takes effort but it’s worth it – better for your hair and scalp, better for maintaining hair color, growing it out etc. For those of you who usually clean your hair with detergents, there will be an adjustment period. You could also just use this every once in a while on days when you want clean hair (post gym/swimming etc) but want to extend your time between shampoos.

    Trader Joe’s, please never get rid of this!!! This product saves me sooo much money!! I shall simply perish if y’all stop producing it

  34. Julie

    I bought this for my boyfriend to try to keep home from using my Kevin Murphy Restore. I have used Kevin Murphy Restore ($42 for 6.7 fl oz) for 8 years on my thick, coarse, dry, hair. It feels exactly the same. I LOVE it.

  35. Elizabeth Faraone

    Nice, mild fragrance. If you have course, dry hair, this works wonders.

  36. Lesley Wilkins

    Bought this on a whim, great to shampoo and condition in one step and left my hair clean, smooth and shiny! Please do not discontinue!!!

  37. Katie Gooch

    Today is my first day using the Hair Wash & Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo. I am a religious Aveda & Kevin Murphy hair product user- however I am trying to find new ways to save and still get healthy results. A friend told me about trying the Trader Joe’s products, so I’ve tried a lot of what would work for me- Lemon Verbena Bar Soap, Lemon Verbena Body Oil, Antioxidant Face Serum, lavender soap bar, Creamy Moisturizer, and all are great!

    I went to Aveda Cosmetology school so a non-lathering shampoo gives me a bit of anxiety so I wanted to cocktail it with the Tea Tree Tingle (also to compare it to the Kevin Murphy Stimulate Me Wash, and I am definitely sold on the TJ version- legit feels the exact same- hopefully it will stimulate me long term 🙂 ). Then used the Hair Wash and my scalp comb to get all the strands as the bottle says to do. My hair and scalp feel great, I live in AZ and we have hard water so I’ve been suffering from dry itchy scalp and I didn’t come out of the shower with any of those symptoms- WOO HOO!

    Trader Joe’s you continue to make grocery & skincare shopping so easy, and I hate to grocery shop. My saint of a husband usually shops for us, but not anymore- we go together which is even better. Thank you for a another great product!

  38. LM

    This is the only product I purchased from TJ that is awful. Left my hair feeling oily and dirty. I literally had to few ash hair. It’s just surprising since every other hair, skin, food product I’ve used gets 5 stars….not sure why this product is thumbs down. I love TJs and will always shop there, so this is a small bump in a long, fulfilling relationship that I can easily forgive ☺️

  39. Djm

    I was excited to use this product but similar to other one star reviews the product left my hair oily and feeling unclean. I’ve used it twice now and both times my hair looks like i haven’t washed it for days. It smells great but I will not use anymore.

  40. Linda Vining

    It made my hair feel ok and I could brush it out fairly easily after washing, but it made my hair go frizzy.

  41. Cathy Burton

    I don’t understand how this works honestly and I don’t care to know. I ONLY KNOW IT IS AWESOME. I have very long curly color treated hair and I have never been able to use the shampoos with conditioner added, I’ve tried various brands of shampoo bars, none worked. This product left my wild curls soft and manageable. The scent isn’t overpowering and I can only hope it will not end up being unavailable.

  42. ana de la Pena

    i have brillo dry hair curly that dreads, this product detangled and felt clean on my scalp. my hair was shiny . like it

  43. BJ Foreman

    Reading through the reviews I can see that this product isn’t for some. But my experience has been GREAT! The shampoos I have used in the past recently dried my hair out to fuzz, very dull. This shampoo restored the luster and feel I used to have. Getting used to a non-foaming shampoo is a little challenging, but I am so happy with this product. For the first time in several years, my hair really is bouncy and shiny. Very grateful.

  44. H.Sharp

    Not for straight hair. I am not saying it is bad, but I have pretty heavy, thin straight hair. This made my hair look like I have not washed it in a few days. I usually do not condition my hair, and the heaviness was noticed. Not for me, but it smells nice!

  45. NDK

    It started out feeling nice, moisturizing the hair, etc. Now I have been using it for a month and my scalp feels itchy and my hair looks dirty. It doesn’t feel like this product washes dirt out of the hair very well. Maybe I could alternate it with shampoo on different days. I have dry hair, so I don’t like to use products that strip moisture out too much. I also don’t like conditioners, though. I thought this could be a good alternative, but it may not be enough to use it alone. The hair is just too dirty.

  46. Sandy

    Skeptical, but it works! I have thick, wavy, salt&peppper hair, and never had luck with co- washes. Heard so much about this, figured with the cost, worth a try. I used a generous amount, and it seems like it almost suds..took forever to rinse out, but boy, the results are amazing. I’m not needing any stylers either. I also chime in with others…TJs, don’t discontinue this!!

  47. Easy Killa Ice-D

    my hair fell off


    to the woman who said HER HAIR FELL OUT…sounds like nonsense. Otherwise, she obviously has another problem or deficiency going on there. EXCELLENT PRODUCT and yes, I still have all my hair and don’t look like Yul Brynner in The King And I….lol

    excellent product

  49. sally mennen

    I purchased this Hair Wash to see if getting free of shampoos with sudsing chemicals would help my itchy scalp. So far I’ve been delighted with the results–scalp seems calmer, less inflamed and my Curley, fine hair turns out soft and defined– not frizzy. It took awhile to get used to how to use it: adding a little more water to massage it around and letting it soak into the hair during the shower, then combing through, and very thorough rinsing. It’s a great product and joining the chorus: please TJ, don’t discontinue this one!

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