Trader Joe’s Chinese Style Chicken Salad Reviews

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White chicken meat, vegetables, and crispy wonton noodles with sesame dressing.

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chinese Style Chicken Salad Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    Yum! I love this salad – it’s pretty healthy and pretty delicious at the same time. It’s also easy to make gluten-free, because the the crispy wonton noodle strips are in their own package, so you could just leave that out of the mix. (If you aren’t gluten-free, though, the wonton pieces are quite tasty!) The dressing is delectable, and the chicken tastes great with a nice firm texture. My only complaint is that sometimes the lettuce doesn’t taste the freshest, so make sure you try to grab one that’s as green/fresh-looking as possible.

  2. BELLA


  3. review

    AMAZING!! Very healthy and a great lunch.

  4. Anonymous

    I am very picky about prepackaged salads and this is the first one in years I have loved!

  5. Tom H.

    It would have been nice if you had included the dressing! Sitting at my desk at the office so not in a position to go out and get dressing. Quite disappointing.

  6. Mary Flemister

    There was another Chinese chicken salad before that was on the shelf for so long. The crispy wontons were the flat ones like as if they were just fried. The dressing (not sesame style) was absolutely DELICIOUS with the chicken and all. One day they stopped selling it!!!!! It was ALWAYS sold out quickly. I wish they would bring it back. But it’s okay I’m making my own. I could not believe it was gone. I think it was trader Joe’s brand but been so long I can’t remember. Tell me why they stopped selling. Was sold about 6.50 back then had chestnuts too. Thank you

  7. Mary Flemister

    This is me again. My husband reminded me of the previous Chinese chicken salad. It’s called Trader Ming. Let us know why you stopped selling Trader Ming.

  8. Brooke

    Would not purchase again. Mine was mostly a cabbage salad.

  9. Anonymous

    Seems like this salad has been updated recently and it’s not very tasty. I don’t love the spring mix used as it gets very soggy very quickly. There were mostly carrots and red onions in it, but rarely any other type of topping. The chicken tastes bland and the dressing wasn’t very good. Disappointed because the previous version of this salad was really good.

  10. Merle

    Love that there is purple cabbage and romaine together with the awesome dressing and crunchy sticks

  11. Anonymous

    2 Stars. Would be 1 star but it is technically a salad so they get a star for that. The old version was far superior. Now the (less tasty) dressing is too watery for the seemingly whole head worth of cabbage in it. Would not buy again.

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