Trader Joe’s Broccoli Kale Chicken Salad Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

Made with white meat chicken, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and a sweet & spicy vinaigrette.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Broccoli Kale Chicken Salad Reviews

  1. Wes

    This is the best Trader Joe’s salad I’ve tried yet. Some of their salads are perpetually pink around the edges, but with a leafy green like kale there’s less chance of that, and it made for a much better salad as a result. The dressing is delicious, and the seeds go perfectly with the other items. I picked this up at the last second on impulse and I’m so glad I did!

  2. James

    I grabbed one of these after seeing a lady feverently piling them into her cart one morning, and boy am I happy I discovered it! As mentioned in the previous reviews, some TJ’s salads don’t hold up so well after a few days in the fridge, but this one appears indestructible. Not only is it a great salad to buy if you’re stocking up for a weeks worth of lunches on Sunday, but it’s freaking delicious! Chicken makes this salad filling – I like to eat it with a toasted piece of the TJ’s frozen Naan (I’m weird, I know)…

  3. Kahlee

    Excellent salad. Often sold out because so many people love it including me. I try to snag several at a time because it can be a challenge to find them.

  4. Debbie F

    Why doesn’t Trader Joe’s sell the salad dressing??

  5. Lyndzzzz

    Love this salad! So good!!

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