Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai Reviews

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Fully cooked chicken and vegetable dumplings with a soy sauce packet.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai Reviews

  1. Lena

    These are decent. It’s not something I would regularly crave, but they’re nice to keep in the back of the freezer for when I’m out of my usual favorites.

  2. D. Hurley

    OH MY. These little babies are my favorite. I don’t follow directions real well. I heat a pan, throw them in. Brown a bit. Then turn up the heat and add water (just enough to cover bottom) and cover with a lid. Turn a couple times, put the packet in the water and service it. AWESOME quick dinner.

  3. Wes

    I wouldn’t recommend making these in the microwave. First they came out too cold in the middle (even though I put them in longer than the directions said), and then when I heated them a little longer, they just tasted mushy without a whole lot of flavor.

    From the other reviews, it sounds like they’re much, much better when steaming or otherwise making on the stovetop, so I would recommend that for anyone who tries these.

  4. A. Jackson

    Good flavor. I heated the pan with a little grape seed oil and filtered water. Added the shu mai and stir fried them add a little more water as needed until golden brown. Then I put the lid on to steam then a little and after tossed them around the hot pan just to add a little crispyness to the outside. Sounds like a lot of steps but it went very quickly. They were perfect …didn’t even need the sauce.

  5. Vickie Henderson

    Love the dumplings, not a fan of the sauce. I just use coconut aminos instead of the sauce and find these a great lunch or dinner.

  6. Kris

    LOVE THESE! I steam them with my veggie steamer basket and then crisp them in a pan with a little coconut oil cooking spray. Delicious !

  7. Missy

    Hands down my favorite!!! They go perfect with just about asian cuisine but you have to know how to make them. So many people complain they dont cook right but if you steam them and then add oil to the pan to fry up just to give it that crisp then they really are delicious.

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