Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels Reviews

  1. Wes

    These are really good, with or without the Mandarin orange sauce. Even just made plain and dipped in ketchup (or even eaten plain), they’re a tasty meal. The orange sauce has a great kick to it, too.

  2. Liza

    The best! I buy these all the time since they’re a cheap snack/meal that’s also quick to put together with little to no hassle. I wish they didn’t stick together in the freezing process though, because I prepare them on a pan and it’s hard to cook them evenly like that. Well, nothing scissors or a knife can’t fix. About the taste: plenty of mandarin orange sauce, very flavorful with a gooey texture. The breading(?) crisps up very nicely and you get a yummy outer shell. The chicken itself tastes like your normal soy chicken. My baby brother’s absolute favorite. He’d take them over any real chicken nugget any day.

  3. Carrie

    We love these— even my picky kids love them!

  4. Laurel

    Really flavor pack yummy stuff, but I have noticed that the amount in the bag is kinda small which sucks cause would love more in a bag. But the taste is truly amazing and I would tell anyone to buy a bag they wont regret it.

  5. Dave F.

    This one is a long-time favorite with our family. We eat it at least 3-4 times each month. It has an amazing semi-sweet flavor that rivals the sauces at any Chinese food restaurants around us. And living in NYC, that is no small feat. We love to fry up the “chicken” and add TJ’s Asian Vegetables (We don’t use the sauce from Asian Vegetables, although it is also excellent). The combination of the two is truly perfect. When Asian Vegetables is not available we just heat up TJ’s Organic Broccoli, and throw that in he mix. It’s just so easy and so delicious. I love the texture, the flavor, the calorie count, and especially the way it does not hurt any animals.

  6. Jackie

    BOMB. Omg I rarely enjoy fake/vegan/plant based “meat” products that claim to taste like meat but these are fire. Don’t take my word just try them lol !

  7. Helena

    I used to work at Panda Express. I likely ate a couple of my (then-expanding) body weight’s worth of orange chicken in that time. (I haven’t ever done crack, so I’ll let someone else make the comparison between fresh orange chicken and narcotics.) And I can tell you that, before they’re tossed in orange sauce, PE’s chicken “morsels” tasted pretty similar to McNuggets. But after that flash in the wok, the comparison no longer comes to mind; the sauce is transformative.
    These take that similarity further, by also being shaped and breaded more like nuggets than [insert whatever technical term I forget was used on the bags of frozen, pre-fried pieces of chicken we dumped in the deep fryers]. It makes sense that a manufactured meat substitute, or little patties that are deliberately formed into child-appealing shapes, would be more uniform than pieces of flesh taken off an animal carcass. But there’s something kinda unsatisfying about that, y’know? And so the sauce is no longer quite enough to elevate the protein past “kid meal” status.
    TL;DR: orange chicken should be less like nuggets, more like popcorn.

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