Trader Joe’s Caramel Cheddar Chicago Style Popcorn Mix Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Caramel Cheddar Chicago Style Popcorn Mix Reviews

  1. Ryan

    Drool… this stuff is so addictive. For the first several bites, I thought “eh.” But as I got deeper into the bag, it got better and better. I don’t even usually like caramel popcorn, but the mix in this bag works it.

  2. Lena

    I love this stuff! The combination of cheddar and caramel is oh so good.

  3. Susan

    Amazing. Addictive. Awesome. (And a bunch of other “A” words.) This is a staple in our Trader Joe’s cart.
    My full review is here:

  4. Wes

    This is incredible — I don’t even usually like caramel corn at all, but this combination is probably the #1 tastiest Trader Joe’s snack I’ve ever tried. So addictive!

  5. Judy Brausch

    Rating 10+ out of 10. Please bring back Chicago Style popcorn (red, white, agua bag). I have three neighbors who love this popcorn and want to buy it over and over again.

  6. megan

    Loved this popcorn mix! Why would you discontinue??? Thought it sounded odd and someone got me to try it and I was hooked! My husband who doesn”t even like popcorn will it half the bag before I got to it. PLEASE, PLEASE bring this back!

  7. Pat Greene

    Hot damn. I used to order real Chicago popcorn from Chicago. This is almost as good, and certainly WAY better than the higher-end Chicago-style popcorn you’ll find at Whole Foods. My fingers are crossed that they bring this back.

  8. Merideth


  9. Evalenea Richie


  10. TBoo

    Please bring this back. It was my go to on a cheat meal!!!!

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