Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream Reviews

(85 customer reviews)

85 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream Reviews

  1. NancyO

    This is the best, absolute best non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever tasted. It’s really fabulous. When I’m unable to resist the pull for ice cream, this is what I buy … every time!

  2. Steven Schloss

    Unfortunately, it’s too good. Try as hard as I can, I always seem to eat 1/2 the container per sitting. Take it from a lactard, it’s absolutely the best non-dairy ice cream out there. And the price cannot be beat.

  3. Kim B

    This soy cream is as good any ice cream! I can’t stay away from it! REALLY REALLY delicious with a smooth texture. If you are nervous about non-dairy desserts, this is the way to go!

  4. Samantha

    Supper sad that you discussed it it is my favorite non dairy ice cream I give it 13

  5. Dawn

    Went all the way to trader Joes only to find out its discontinued. I have no idea why you discontinue the best non dairy ice cream. It wins against any brand any flavor. Well at least bit did. Until you discontinued it.

  6. Terry

    This was the best non-dairy ice cream that I’ve found. It was one of a few dietary pleasures that I’d treat myself with and my disappointment that it has been discontinued is profound (there is still Costco tortilla chips, but I’m at a loss for ice cream at this point) . The vanilla is still around but it isn’t nearly as good as the Cherry Chocolate Chip.

  7. Fred Brandt

    2nds on the “Why did you discontinue the best dessert product you offer”. Get rid of all that filler you filled the empty space with! Honestly get the “Creamy Soy” back. Fix what ever problem you found and get it back. Then then sit back and read more great reviews – PLEASE.

    By the way the soy creamy vanilla was gone too !! The soy creamy mango vanilla was gone replaced with Mango Sorbet – a block of ice, attesting to why you removed “creamy”.

  8. janiceschreffler

    “Soy cherry chocolate chip” Will not be sold at trader joe’s no more. Don’t know why but this non-dairy ice cream was a hot item & hard to get.
    You can’t replace this ice cream w/any others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please bring it back!!!!!!!

  9. petyanca

    Please bring it back, seriously. My life will never be the same without it.

  10. A2

    Just heard a rumor that TJ corporate heard mountains of complaints about teh discontuation of Soy Creamy Cherry that it …ahem…WILL BE BROUGHT BACK!!!!! Our voices have been heard!

  11. Yvonne Allen

    I hope the rumors are true that the cherry chocolate soy creamy will be brought back. This was my all time favorite treat. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back.

  12. Anonymous

    Please bring back chocolate cherry soy cream

  13. Banana

    The *best* non-dairy frozen dessert you can find in the USA.
    Please bring it back to your shelves!

  14. John Matthesen

    Why does Trader Joes always discontinue the best products???!!!
    The cherry chocolate soy ice cream was just fantastic, and one of the few products for people with dietary restrictions that actually tasted like really good food. Sigh.
    And sorry, but the mango and vanilla are not even close.

  15. Lynne

    What a bummer just found out it was discontinued!

  16. Sandy DeRobertis

    This is, indeed, the best nondairy ice cream that my spouse and I ever had. We, like countless other Trader Joe’s customers in the DC Metro Area shared our disappointment with the store managers at several local stores when Trader Joe’s discontinued this best selling item. I’m glad to report that we were advised by a manager at one of the DC Metro stores earlier today that Trader Joe’s will once again be selling this oh so delicious non-dairy frozen dessert. We were advised that it will likely be back in the freezer section by late October!

  17. C

    PLEASE bring back your chocolate cherry ice cream!!! It was by far the best non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever had. Flavor, texture, quality, price–couldn’t be beat. I really miss my favorite desert!

  18. Stella

    Cherry chocolate chip soy creamy was the best. Please bring it back as the trend is and should be toward consumption of FEWER animal based proteins – the planet is being decimated by mega dairies. Please give us options to do the right thing.

  19. tee

    I’m very saddened by this!!! i love mint chocolate ice cream, but this one i’ll eat over mint chocolate chip!!! i was so sad when i kept going back to traders joes and they were gone! i thought maybe they ran out the one i go to, but i went to others until i researched online! there’s nothing that can compare to this delish tub of heaven.

  20. Laurel

    This stuff is so amazing. I mix it with some peanut butter and a little sea salt and feels like my whole mouth is in heaven. Been buying this for years. The price is so much more affordable then anywhere else for soy ice cream as well, it’s shocking.

    Even my non-vegan friends love this stuff.

  21. Laurel

    So very sad to hear just now that it got disconnected… it was a huge favorite of mine…

  22. Jason

    Apparently they have brought it back–at least at some locations, since I found one container in a Trader Joe’s store in Henderson, NV. I agree with much of what has been said. I will add that I love the strong cherry flavor of the product. I’m not a huge cherry fan, but this would make me into one! And plenty of large chocolate chips as well. Truly delicious and addictive! I’m glad I found it and I hope Trader Joe’s keeps it in it’s stores for purchase!

  23. Anonymous


  24. Sandi

    I bought this ice cream when I went to visit a friend who is lactose intolerant. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for it, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. It was delicious, and you couldn’t tell that was dairy free!! Now, that is a good dairy free product when it tastes just as good as the ice cream with dairy! I might even buy this for myself! 🙂

  25. Austin

    What are we doing here, Joe? This ice cream is advertised as “Cherry Chocolate Chip,” not “Cherry and Two Chocolate Chips.” I get it, the ice cream industry is cutthroat. But if you want to stay in the frozen creamery business, and not be forced to discontinue your product, you MUST add more chocolate chips.

  26. Maria Lee

    As a customer of TJ in FLorida & SCarolina. I found today when I visited the store in FLORIDA to pick up 4 or 5 pints of the soy creamy cherry choc chip desert that it had been discontinued. I was very dismayed /disappointed & fustrated. I have found that many of your items that are popular & sell out quickly get discontinued. I have no reason to visit TJ’s since many other popular items we enjoyed are nolonger on the shelves. I ask you to Please bring back the Soy creamy Cherry Choc Chip non-dairy desert . Unhappy customer

  27. Mia

    I am extremely disappointed to find out that the soy creamy ice creams (cherry chocolate chip and vanilla) have been discontinued. I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy back in 2010 and was devastated as dairy was in my diet a lot. I had not found one vegan ice cream that came close to regular ice cream until this one. Even dairy eating people love it. I do not understand why it has been discontinued…especially reading all the reviews and how many people liked it. Please bring it back.

  28. Kara

    WHERE HAS IT GONE 🙁 The Soy Creamery line is the best- Trader Joe’s is really dropping the ball here. I go to Trader Joe’s specifically for this and end up picking up a bunch of other things on my way to the freezer section. I don’t know that there is anything else that will bring me in that other stores don’t offer.

  29. ron manwill

    why would tjs stop selling such apopular item. they get a z minus from me.

  30. Ligia

    Why do you discontinue a product that is so delicious and more healthy than a lot others that are in the store shelves?
    All My family is so disappointed to see the Soy Ice Cream Cherry Chocolate Chip gone from the store. Was the only dessert my husband approved to have at all time at home, and now is gone. You breaking a lot of hearts. I also disappointed to see the Yogurt Cheese was gone. I appreciate the effort you bring to solve this problem as soon as possible.

  31. Billy

    Is this a bad mind game that TJs is playing? Every time I go to TJs to buy the Soy Cherry Chocolate Chip I have to fight other people to get four of these in my basket. This is the BEST vegan store bought ice cream on the market. Why discontinue???!!!! BRING THIS BACK ASAP!!!!

  32. jane bond

    I am have been waiting for a new ref with a working freezer so I could get the Cherry chocolate chip soy ice cream. I found out today from a friend I bumped into in a TJ’s that is discontinued! WHT?? Has TJ’s lost their mind?? Why oh why do U discontinuresome of the very best products people LOVE!! Now I will B gettin my new frighted in a mo or so & will, NOT B able to get the Soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream I have been waiting for for months.
    I am so pissed off.
    How could U NOT keep it on the shelves.
    Where can were get itZ? Who else makes it besides TJ’s/? Who ever is making it can make it for another story that is willing to sell it!
    I have had to wait all these mos to get a freezer so I could have the soy ice cream. Now I will not B able to get it.
    DAMN I AM SO ANGRY & PISSED OFF U DISCONTINUED ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT. That doesn’t make any sense. Why give up a great product customers love to buy!
    That is crazy & U will lost money & customers!
    I have been wanting to buy some but without a freezer I can store it so I have been waiting & waiting for a new frighted with a working freezer. Damn damn I am so mad!!

  33. Terry

    I’ve tried your two new vegan ice choices (coffee & strawberry) and they just can’t compete with the Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream. If the Cherry Chocolate doesn’t come back, I’ll be getting my ice cream elsewhere.

    Please bring it back. It’s my favorite ice cream and the Trader Joe’s freezer section will be a sad place without it.

  34. Jayna

    Nooooooooooo!!! Trader Joe’s, WHY have you discontinued this delicious soy ice cream? I whip up my youngest son his FAVORITE ice cream cake with your Cherry Chocolate Chip, he already requested it for his birthday THIS WEEK, and now I can’t make it! This feels unnecessarily mean to your loyal vegan customers. PLEASE BRING BACK OUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM!

  35. Anon A

    This was the absolute BEST ice cream. The ice cream was flavorful and the cherries in it….SO GOOD. I would honestly do anything to eat it again. How do we get this ice cream back??? I will have to try new stores now 🙁

  36. les

    please bring back the soy cherry choc chip frozen dessert. It’s the best product you ever made. I usually buy 6 at once if I can get my hands on them. WHy would you do this?

  37. BKP

    PLEASE bring it back! This was my favorite ice cream of all time. It’s hands-down the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I would drive nearly two hours to the nearest Trader Joe’s mostly for this ice cream. We’re about a year away from a Trader Joe’s opening in my city, and I was so excited to be able to have better access to this incredible ice cream. When my six year-old, dairy consuming nephew tried it, he immediately said, “this is my favorite ice cream”. Please bring it back!

  38. Julie

    Please bring this back! It is my favorite ice cream! I go to Trader Joe’s just to get this. Nothing else compares. Quality product at a great price! So sad it’s discontinued. Why!?

  39. Doug

    You said in 2019 it was BACK FOR GOOD. You lied. Everyone I have told about this vegan Cherry Chocolate chip fell in love with it, and have in in their freezers as their go to ice cream. Its always either sold out at the store or just a few left when I get there. No way this is a slow seller. If you have to raise the price to keep in on the shelf during COVID, supply chain issues, and a war in Ukraine, do so. Everyone understands the perfect economic storm we are in. The faithful will pay the price because its just as good and better for you than the high priced highly advertised “premium” brands. Bring it back and fire your marketing team. 5 stars for the Creamy Soy Cherry Chocolate chip and 1 star for whoever decided to stop making it. Really poor decision TJ’s.

  40. Kathleen

    Fabulous. We love this and stock it when we can. Why can’t we find it in our store lately? Has it been discontinued or have supply chain problems hit this?

  41. Alger Piston

    A cashier at at Trader Joe’s told me today this item has been discontinued! It was literally my favorite thing in the entire store. Good for vegans, kosher, and anyone wanting to cut down on dairy (isn’t that everybody?). It was better tasting & texture than most ice creams, and definitely the very best non-dairy frozen dessert available at _any_ store.

  42. Alger Piston

    There were times that I would choose TJ’s over Aldi just because of this soy ice cream. Very likely TJ’s has just lost about $2000/year in sales just from me, because I will now choose Aldi at least some of the time – their prices are cheaper and they have tons of great stuff.

  43. ice cream-a-holic

    5 stars for the Soy Creamery non dairy ice cream and zero stars for whom ever at Trader Joe’s was having a Very bad day and decided to discontinue the best non dairy ice cream. We are very sad. I was told that it was due to low sales. Well let me tell you that I do not live so close to TJ’s so I have to choose between 3 of them, they all are almost out every time I go and I usually get 3-6 of the containers each time and also I know of at least 4 others that do the same. 🙁 Low sales makes no sense to us! You will lose a few customers not that we won’t go to your stores but we will definitely cut our shopping there by at least 50%…or more!

  44. ice cream-a-holic

    Oh i forgot don’t let the above comment about the “best non dairy ice cream” it should have said simply “the best’ TJ bring it back!!!!

  45. Wayne

    First you get rid of Balade butter, now I go to Albertson to buy Kerrygold Olive Oil butter (closest product to match the missing Balade). Next you dump the Soy Cherry Chocolate Chip (very good in nutrition numbers – reduced in key catagories). Buy the ice cream and get concentrated fats!! Now I must find the replacement for Soy!! Soon I will not be shopping at Trader Joes (just look for a product that they will discontinue – go else where for purchase) How sad this use to be a good shopping market. Who knows, the wines might be the next discontinued item – Charles Shaw wine!!!

  46. Don

    Why no Creamery non-dairy soy ice cream? Was the best. Big mistake. Now need to find Trader Joe’s alternatives.

  47. Mike

    Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip was the BEST ice cream in the store. All of the new flavors you’ve been rolling out are terrible. Please bring back the Soy Creamy Cherry. So disappointing.

  48. Tammy

    Please tell me this has not been discontinued…? This is the best ice cream ever!!!

  49. Florrie Parks

    Extremely disappointed to find that my family’s favorite Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream has been discontinued. My husband and son have issues with dairy and this is the ONLY ice cream they have found that they like. Oat Ice Creams don’t compare and are higher in fat. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!! Will pay more for it. It was constantly sold out or I’d be lucky to get the last one. Why???? This ice cream is beloved! 5 stars is for the ice cream! 1 star for this terrible decision!

  50. Donna

    Why did you discontinue the two soy ice creams? Does not make sense. Also the meatless meat balls have not been in stock since last year. Are you trying to get rid of we vegan shoppers. We can go elsewhere.

  51. Leslie Kowash

    Very disappointed that Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate ice cream has been discontinued, AGAIN. I get that you will constantly add new products and remove others. But when you have tried this only 3 years ago with this exact product, it doesn’t make good sense to do this to us again. Many times I decide to go to TJ’s *just* for this product, and then also do as much of my other grocery shopping there as I can. It’s a win for you. Please bring this product back – in 2019 you said it was “BACK FOR GOOD”. Stand by your word, please.

  52. Anonymous

    You have a consumer monopoly draw and the reason we shop TJ’s in soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream…Wise businessmen would die for a leader like this! What’s wrong with you???

  53. Anonymous

    You have a consumer monopoly draw and the reason we shop TJ’s (for soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream)…Discontinued? Fire your CFO!

  54. Ellen

    Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream is my favorite ice cream. Everyone I talk to agrees and I can’t imagine why Trader Joe’s should discontinue such a popular product. Please bring it back. We really miss it!!!

  55. Mary

    My husband is lactose intolerant but I love dairy in all forms. This is the only ice cream that doesn’t make me cringe at some awful taste or texture. Naturally, I can’t find it in Trader Joe’s anymore because they seem to discontinue anything that is really good. Why do you make us fall in love with things only to snatch them away. Trader Joe?

  56. Barbara from Boston

    Remove the Cherry Chocolate Chip soy ice cream….and now the Vanilla Soy Creamy? How could you???
    The quality and price point for these two products are the best! Please don’t mess around and change products.

  57. Celine McCoy

    I’ve been upset for months over the discontinuation of the Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chunk. There is no way it wasn’t popular enough: most of the time it was completely sold out while the vanilla version remained untouched. (Don’t know why the vanilla isn’t remotely as creamy as the cherry.) I have tried all the non-dairy ice creams, and this was the best. At least share the recipe with some other company so we can buy it elsewhere. And speaking of shopping elsewhere, that’s what I’m doing now. The cherry soy creamy brought me into the store–plus some other items no longer available–now I’ve got no reason to go.

  58. Lana Alber

    Absolutely the best soy cream I’ve ever eaten. All four families have ordered this product in the past. I just don’t understand what Trader Joe’s is thinking by canceling this product. I now buy none of the soy or ice cream products from the store.

  59. Tricia Berry

    My family is devastated that both the soy vegan ice creams TJ’s offered – vanilla and cherry chocolate chip – have been discontinued in our San Diego stores. We eat it every night and buy 6-8 cartons at a time. We’re on our last half carton and are bereft. The manager at our store said they weren’t selling enough. But this was spring when they stopped & it wasn’t promoted in store. They should have promoted it as a delicious non-dairy ice cream during summer promotions. Certainly better than the over-the-top s’mores end of aisle promotions they have each year The store clerks told me to find the supplier and buy the vegan ice creams elsewhere – but how do you track down a Trader Joe labeled product?

  60. Carly

    Devastated you discontinued this ice cream. I would drive an hour to the closest TJ just to buy this product! It was the most creamy vegan ice-cream out there. Honestly so disappointed. I won’t be at Trader Joe’s as much since this product honestly is what made the drive worth it. Bring it back!!!

  61. Patrick

    How can I get the truth out of Joe? I think some cruel person in marketing has chosen to punish vegans by discontinuing the SoyCreamy vegan ice cream. I was told it is because of low sales and that there was no person at Joe’s who I could question.
    Furthermore, there is no way to find the producer or the recipe.
    then yesterday I saw a post from Long Beach that said it was back. I called my local Joe’s and was told that they would not be restocking because of low sales. I’ve gone to the store at times and could not get it because it was sold out, so I think they are lying about that. Who are the people that make these decisions, and do they know that they are losing customers? I will be telling everyone I know. I go to Joe’s once a week and buy lots of other products but until they restock, I will be shopping elsewhere and suffering because that was the only good vegan ice cream on the market.

  62. Jo-Anne

    This was the best nondairy ice cream I ever tasted–and I tried lots of them. I bought a lot of quarts. Why would you discontinue it? The new nondairy ice creams are nowhere near as good. In fact, at least one of them is awful. Please reconsider and get this nondairy ice cream back.

  63. Michael B

    I found out back in March that it was discontinued Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy and I haven’t been back. This is totally unacceptable. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

  64. Colleen

    It’s a no brainer…..please bring the soy ice cream back!!!!

  65. Wendy

    This is the best ice cream on earth. Please bring it back.

  66. Robert Hurt

    This is/was my favorite ice cream, dairy included. So good. Please, please, please bring it back!

  67. S. Aron

    This is the best ice cream ever. I had to return. PLEASE

  68. NurseScotty

    Please bring this back! It’s the ONLY ice cream I’ve been able to enjoy since learning of my vast list of allergies

  69. Vijay

    I love seeing all the pleas to bring this back. Just opened our last pint and man, it made our whole family only sadder to lose an absolute classic. How could this not be popular especially with vegan diet becoming a norm?!

  70. Craig

    This made Ben and Jerry Cherries Garcia totally irrelevant – it is a brilliant product, so why discontinue? Please reconsider!

  71. Terry

    I’ve tried the new substitute non-dairy ice creams and they weren’t worth buying again. This product was excellent and is still very much missed.

  72. Keith

    Not sure who made the decision to discontinue this again, but maybe they should consider looking for a different career where they can’t impact people who are lactose intolerant, Vegan or religious (Kosher or Halel). This is an amazing product. I would match the quality against any dairy based product on the market.

  73. Ann c

    Sorely miss both the soy cherry and soy vanilla. New offerings don’t hold a candle. Please bring back.

  74. Peter

    Went looking for the Soy Cherry and Soy Vanilla frozen desserts for our son who has milk allergies. Two others in our family are lactose intolerant. Store used to have it, but not there. Was told they were discontinued. Is that just in one store? Please bring them back. The Cherry ranks up with almost any frozen dessert I’ve ever tried!

  75. TBP

    Bring back this dessert! Immediately!

  76. brenda

    Please bring back the Soy cherry and vanilla “ice cream” . It was fabulous. Miss it!

  77. kim

    The soy cherry chocolate chip & the vanilla were are favorite!! Everyone is our family eats dairy free and these 2 “ice creams” were the absolute best tasting dairy free option made by anyone!!! PLEASE bring the 2 soy flavors back. We have been eating it for years and now have nothing for dessert. It was also so popular in our store that it was always selling out. WHY was this discontinued??!!

  78. Emma

    It is quite obvious from all these comments that the Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy was very popular. I bought it all the time and now do not buy any frozen deserts from Trader Joe’s since what remains is either dairy or Full of Fat! Please start stocking the Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy and stop lying about lack of sales. It was the best frozen ice cream substitute.

  79. James Parks

    Awesome product. One star for discontinuing it. The replacements are TERRIBLE. Bring it back!

  80. SA Nordh

    Rating: 5 stars for the product; 1 star for the business decision. Very short-sighted decision on TJ’s part – to discontinue the Soy Creamy non-dairy frozen desserts, especially the Cherry Chocolate Chip. And, like so many others have said, I don’t believe the cause to be “low sales.” Given the seeming popularity of this dessert as evidenced by others’ comments, I have to wonder what TJ’s deems “low sales.” Extremely disappointed that this is no longer available for those of us who cannot eat dairy products. You have lost yet another customer.

  81. Dana

    Pleaseeeee bring this back! 🙁

  82. Liz

    I desperately want TJ’s to bring this product back. Please please please! This was THE BEST dairy free ice cream that everyone in my family loved, and at such a great price. Why stop making it? It was tasty, creamy, perfect! Also the twin of this product, the Soy Creamy vanilla flavor was PERFECT!

  83. rob rich

    Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream… The BEST. Bring it back.

  84. Rachel

    Traitor Joe

  85. Rhonda

    Please bring back the soy Cherry Chocolate Chip. I’ve been craving it since it’s been discontinued. No other non-dairy ice cream compares!

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