Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream Reviews

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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream Reviews

  1. NancyO

    This is the best, absolute best non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever tasted. It’s really fabulous. When I’m unable to resist the pull for ice cream, this is what I buy … every time!

  2. Steven Schloss

    Unfortunately, it’s too good. Try as hard as I can, I always seem to eat 1/2 the container per sitting. Take it from a lactard, it’s absolutely the best non-dairy ice cream out there. And the price cannot be beat.

  3. Kim B

    This soy cream is as good any ice cream! I can’t stay away from it! REALLY REALLY delicious with a smooth texture. If you are nervous about non-dairy desserts, this is the way to go!

  4. Samantha

    Supper sad that you discussed it it is my favorite non dairy ice cream I give it 13

  5. Dawn

    Went all the way to trader Joes only to find out its discontinued. I have no idea why you discontinue the best non dairy ice cream. It wins against any brand any flavor. Well at least bit did. Until you discontinued it.

  6. Terry

    This was the best non-dairy ice cream that I’ve found. It was one of a few dietary pleasures that I’d treat myself with and my disappointment that it has been discontinued is profound (there is still Costco tortilla chips, but I’m at a loss for ice cream at this point) . The vanilla is still around but it isn’t nearly as good as the Cherry Chocolate Chip.

  7. Fred Brandt

    2nds on the “Why did you discontinue the best dessert product you offer”. Get rid of all that filler you filled the empty space with! Honestly get the “Creamy Soy” back. Fix what ever problem you found and get it back. Then then sit back and read more great reviews – PLEASE.

    By the way the soy creamy vanilla was gone too !! The soy creamy mango vanilla was gone replaced with Mango Sorbet – a block of ice, attesting to why you removed “creamy”.

  8. janiceschreffler

    “Soy cherry chocolate chip” Will not be sold at trader joe’s no more. Don’t know why but this non-dairy ice cream was a hot item & hard to get.
    You can’t replace this ice cream w/any others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please bring it back!!!!!!!

  9. petyanca

    Please bring it back, seriously. My life will never be the same without it.

  10. A2

    Just heard a rumor that TJ corporate heard mountains of complaints about teh discontuation of Soy Creamy Cherry that it …ahem…WILL BE BROUGHT BACK!!!!! Our voices have been heard!

  11. Yvonne Allen

    I hope the rumors are true that the cherry chocolate soy creamy will be brought back. This was my all time favorite treat. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back.

  12. Anonymous

    Please bring back chocolate cherry soy cream

  13. Banana

    The *best* non-dairy frozen dessert you can find in the USA.
    Please bring it back to your shelves!

  14. John Matthesen

    Why does Trader Joes always discontinue the best products???!!!
    The cherry chocolate soy ice cream was just fantastic, and one of the few products for people with dietary restrictions that actually tasted like really good food. Sigh.
    And sorry, but the mango and vanilla are not even close.

  15. Lynne

    What a bummer just found out it was discontinued!

  16. Sandy DeRobertis

    This is, indeed, the best nondairy ice cream that my spouse and I ever had. We, like countless other Trader Joe’s customers in the DC Metro Area shared our disappointment with the store managers at several local stores when Trader Joe’s discontinued this best selling item. I’m glad to report that we were advised by a manager at one of the DC Metro stores earlier today that Trader Joe’s will once again be selling this oh so delicious non-dairy frozen dessert. We were advised that it will likely be back in the freezer section by late October!

  17. C

    PLEASE bring back your chocolate cherry ice cream!!! It was by far the best non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever had. Flavor, texture, quality, price–couldn’t be beat. I really miss my favorite desert!

  18. Stella

    Cherry chocolate chip soy creamy was the best. Please bring it back as the trend is and should be toward consumption of FEWER animal based proteins – the planet is being decimated by mega dairies. Please give us options to do the right thing.

  19. tee

    I’m very saddened by this!!! i love mint chocolate ice cream, but this one i’ll eat over mint chocolate chip!!! i was so sad when i kept going back to traders joes and they were gone! i thought maybe they ran out the one i go to, but i went to others until i researched online! there’s nothing that can compare to this delish tub of heaven.

  20. Laurel

    This stuff is so amazing. I mix it with some peanut butter and a little sea salt and feels like my whole mouth is in heaven. Been buying this for years. The price is so much more affordable then anywhere else for soy ice cream as well, it’s shocking.

    Even my non-vegan friends love this stuff.

  21. Laurel

    So very sad to hear just now that it got disconnected… it was a huge favorite of mine…

  22. Jason

    Apparently they have brought it back–at least at some locations, since I found one container in a Trader Joe’s store in Henderson, NV. I agree with much of what has been said. I will add that I love the strong cherry flavor of the product. I’m not a huge cherry fan, but this would make me into one! And plenty of large chocolate chips as well. Truly delicious and addictive! I’m glad I found it and I hope Trader Joe’s keeps it in it’s stores for purchase!

  23. Anonymous


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