Trader Joe’s Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Casserole Reviews

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Spaghetti squash in a creamy bechamel sauce with parmesan and white cheddar cheese.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Casserole Reviews

  1. Zainab

    I had really high hopes for this casserole but honestly it was very disappointing. The cheese was really good but the squash tasted horrible. It was very bitter and too slimy.

  2. Jamie

    Tried this for the first time tonight and it was delicious! This is a new fall favorite of mine.

  3. Richard

    Given that the nutrition label disclosed only 5g of sugar per serving, this was surprisingly sweet. If I do buy this again, I’ll be adding more cheese or perhaps some mushroom ketchup when I serve it.

  4. Anonymous

    Really good !

  5. Consumericious

    This was HORRIBLE straight from the box, but I turned it into a delicious 6-serving meal. I added a full bag of TJ’s frozen Mushroom Medley, a half bag of TJ’s frozen Organic Broccoli Florets, and a lot of Italian linguine.

  6. Brittany

    It’s slimy and not good, and the squash looks like old boogers. I’m not exaggerating. Don’t push the cheese back, then you won’t see it. The cheese is great, but I’ve had spaghetti squash before and this was more along the lines of…shredded bruised zucchini? I’m choking down the last few bites. Overall disappointed and would never recommend it. This is probably my biggest TJ’s fail ever. The cauliflower tot casserole is fantastic though! I bought them at the same time and wish I would’ve purchase 2 cauli-tots instead of the squash.

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