Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Nouveau Wine Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Nouveau Wine Reviews

  1. Giselle Taub

    It’s one of my favorite wine now!! I hope I can buy whole year 🙂

  2. B. C.

    We have been buying Charles Shaw Nouveau for years and love the light, smooth and unique flavor. Because it’s only availble in Oct. and November, I always purchase two cases. I just opened a bottle of the 2021 and it is SO very different from past years. It’s understood that there are variances from year to year but this year’s Nouveau is drastucally different from all others. We noticed it as soon as I poured the first glass. The color is MUCH darker and it has a stronger, somewhat bitter taste. We only had 1/2 a glass and poured the rest down the drain.
    The extreme heat we had last spring and summer may be the culprit. So disappointed….

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent , I bought 10 boxes .

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