Trader Joe’s Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake Reviews

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25 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake Reviews

  1. Angela Blanda

    My first trip to Trader Joe’s and I didn’t have much time on my lunch break so I just checked out the store. I did pick up a Trader Joe’s Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake for myself and coworkers and we enjoyed it. Not too sweet and the cake was moist. Good choice to go with a cup of coffee. The date on the cover read 6/18/16 and today is 6/16/16 so I’m hoping it will stay fresh a few more days.
    I noticed their prices seem reasonable and plan to go back to food shop.

  2. Chris

    I was just planning on buying olive oil and butter today until I spotted this little gem all the way on the bottom of the shelf holding other breads and pastries. I really love the flavor vanilla, so I could not help myself try this out, especially since it costed only $4. Suffice to say, after I finish this cake sometime this weekend, expect me to buy another one (and another for others). Its taste reminds me of those gourmet cupcakes you can only buy at places that solely sells cupcakes. So considering that this cake and those cupcakes cost about $4, I would choose this cake since it basically gives you more bang for the buck.

  3. Rhonda K.

    My kid chose this cake as her prize for her school’s Cake Walk game. She has now proclaimed that this is the best cake she’s ever had. I myself also enjoyed this cake. It is moist, had the perfect about of sweetness (not too sweet), had a lot of vanilla bean flavor in the frosting and had just the right cake frosting ratio to make a perfect bite.

  4. Chelsea Betlow

    Honestly the best cake I’ve ever tasted in my life

  5. Lisa

    Awful! The frosting is super thick and you can taste the grains of sugar. Not smooth or light in any way. Fail!

  6. Suzie

    Seriously the best cake ever!

  7. Bob

    Better than expected, REALLY GOOD. This coming from a chocoholic.

    I ate half the first night and had to force myself to put the rest away. I split the remainder into 2 servings. Great value for the price!

  8. CL

    I was just watching a video of Adele eating british food on YouTube and she was having a Battenberg cake and I was thinking, god I miss that!!! It was completely by coincidence I picked this Vanilla Chantilly sheet cake to satisfy my cake craving this afternoon at Trader Joe’s, but you know what!!! It tastes very much like a Battenberg! Except that of course this icing is much thicker and more scrumptious! (Don’t come for me if you disagree I could be wrong as I haven’t eaten one in yearssss) God this is my absolute favourite store bought cake ever, thank you TJ!

  9. Chris S.

    This is by far the best store-bought vanilla cake I’ve ever had, and honestly as good as most I’ve had from any bakery (or homemade). I’m not as big of a fan of the frosting, as it’s just SO thick and buttery and sweet that it can be overwhelming. So I often scrape some of the icing off. But the cake itself is total perfection. So moist, such a great taste, and way too easy to eat a ton of in one sitting, ha!

  10. Jensey

    The best!! So obsessed! I don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me, but I will drive 50 miles just for this cake!!!!

  11. andrew

    humankind’s single greatest achievement.

    man on the moon? pffft.
    arts and sciences? who cares.
    fire? the wheel? mathematics? not even close.

  12. Chamik Faulkner

    Absolutely satisfied with this cake. One of the best in store cakes I’ve had and my son loves it. I will always buy this cake on my TJ runs.

  13. Nina

    This is the most delicious cake ever and tastes way more expensive than it is. If you love vanilla bean flavor try this!! You won’t be disappointed

  14. PB

    I have never had a better vanilla cake from a store. I keep calling my local TJ’s to find out when it coming back. There is a production delay I am told. It is buttery and moist and just the perfect amount of sweet and rich, but not too sweet like those icky Italian cakes. It doesn’t look like much, but I was shocked at how great it is. It’s old fashioned style homemade and I hope they don’t stop baking it.

  15. PRPapi62

    Simply the BEST cake other than my mother’s!!!!!!! Vanilla flavor was on point and the cake was so moist!!!! Icing was I perfect!! Bought two share at work and everyone went nuts over them!

  16. Suzanne Davis

    The BEST cake! My daughter brought this home for me and I am in love! We all loved it. My only complaint is this mini sheet cake can’t begin to be enough, because it’s SO good. My younger daughter already wants 2 for her birthday, nearly a year away!

  17. Elle

    Thee best cake I’ve had thus far!! I wanna meet the maker.

  18. Annette

    Delicious little surprise I found! Can’t wait to try the chocolate next.

  19. Karen Frye

    Moist delicious cake! I love this vanilla cake! I’ve served this to several people and they all loved this cake too. I like to eat it with some walnuts that I put on top. And for $4.99 a good deal

  20. Andrea DiLoreto

    Easily the best vanilla cake I’ve ever had. I could eat a bucket of that frosting on its own. The cake is tender to both fork and bite. (I don’t want to use the “M” word) The star of this show is definitely the frosting. Price is right. As long as this cake is on the shelves, it will be in my cart. Do not discontinue this cake or I’ll cry.

  21. Brianna Brazeau

    The BEST cake I have ever purchased. I have to stop myself from buying it because it’s so stinking good. It’s super sweet, though- it’ll give you a toothache.

  22. Sophie Taylor

    This is silly but our kitty turned 22 and she loves cake. I was in TJs making a last minute run to get something else and decided she deserved a cake for a milestone birthday so I picked this up since it was the only cake they had. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, especially at only $5. The cake is so moist. The sweetness and vanilla flavor are beautifully balanced. I have to stop myself from buying every single one of them whenever I’m at TJs (though the cake is often sold out). I’m obsessed with this cake!

  23. Billie Derham

    Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake is my favorite thing at Trader Joe’s. I buy one every time I go in, when they are in stock. The cake is moist and the icing is very sweet and creamy. I live alone, so I have 6 pieces of cake! I hope TJs never stops selling this.

  24. Lisa

    Best cake ever! Putting berries on top balances the sweetness of the frosting and makes it even better.

  25. Dawn

    You won’t be disappointed

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