Trader Joe’s Cashew Butter Cashews Reviews

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Honey roasted cashews covered in a sweetened cashew butter coating.

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cashew Butter Cashews Reviews

  1. Sheila Gee

    Oh yuck! I have been searching for butter toffee CASHEWS instead of peanuts, just for a change because I have a newfound love of cashews. I mistakenly thought these cashew butter cashews might be similar. The mouth feel is akin to eating, not just swallowing, an oyster – thick and slimy. The taste is obnoxiously, cloyingly sweet. Does TJ accept returns on open items??? Seriously nasty. I will leave well enough alone in future with unadulterated cashews and butter toffee peanuts.

  2. Anonymous

    Similar to the almond butter almonds, they are pretty sweet. 8/10 on sweetness. I only eat one cashew at a time so all that sugar doesn’t bombard me at once.

  3. Lauren

    You people must have lizard tongues!? This is the most amazing Trader Joe’s treat that I have ever had. Salty sweet and delicious! Seriously my favorite. I bought them by accident cause this stuff usually isnt my thing. It is now…

  4. cashewlover

    this is the best thing at trader joes. literally insanely good

  5. Anonymous

    justice to these. they Are fire

  6. jbanes


  7. jj

    sheila gee gets 1 star from me

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