Trader Joe’s Caramel Apple Dipping Kit Reviews

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Coming soon to Trader Joe’s stores – fall 2022!

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Caramel Apple Dipping Kit Reviews

  1. Z

    Plenty of sprinkles, but the caramel is waaaay too thick even when heated. The tray is small and most of the caramel is gone after two apples. Also, the sticks are smooth and turn inside the apple making it hard to work with. End taste was not enjoyable.

  2. Anonymous

    Loads of peanuts and sprinkles, but the caramel only nicely covered three apples. The directions say to get it to bubble, and it was dangerously hot at that point. Be careful with your little ones.

  3. Grandma Eileen

    This item was confiscated by TSA at DCA. Caramel is considered a gel, so not a good gift to bring when traveling

  4. RovingRalph

    The container is poorly designed for dipping, the caramel is too thick and hard, the kit is overpriced, and if you’re lucky you’ll get three apples made out of the caramel provided. Just get some Kraft caramel pellets and your own sticks and peanuts. Way cheaper and better.

  5. jkiolli

    Agree with others– 2-3 apples max with how much caramel you are given and the caramel gets hot very fast (burned my finger). The sprinkles and nuts are plenty. Not worth the price.

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