Trader Joe’s Café Pajaro Coffee Blend Reviews

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Fair trade, extra dark roast.

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29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Café Pajaro Coffee Blend Reviews

  1. stevenp

    My go-to/fave TJ coffee. Dark and rich but smooth, not bitter at all, and full-bodied. Making this in my Aeropress or Senseo(!) [Just a scoopful of grinds in a small paper basket filter, fold the edges over the middle to make a “pod”]. If you like rich coffee flavor, try this!

  2. Michele.

    Excellent coffee and doesn’t give me heartburn!

  3. Alyssa Newcomb

    The best coffee! So disappointed to not find it on the shelf of my local store. Bring it back PLEASE

  4. Tamra Levine

    Soooo disappointed that this coffee is no longer being sold….please, please, bring it back!!

  5. Beth Grossman

    Please PLEASE bring this coffee back – can someone at Trader Joes tell us what happened?
    This is the best coffee – ever!

  6. Tom Brouillette

    Trader Joe’s Cafe Pajaro coffee was a cornerstone TJ product for me. I have a lot less incentive to shop there if it’s gone. Disappointed.

  7. g webb

    This has been my morning brew for years. Organic, fair trade, and a great blend. Please bring it back!!!

  8. carl

    Why on earth did they stop selling this brand? I’ve little reason to go to TJ’s now!!!!

  9. Sonya Clyde

    This was the best coffee ever! I’m having no luck finding a replacement. If y’all bring it back you definitely have my vote. Otherwise my husband and I may go broke trying to find something that is remotely close.

  10. EP

    Great coffee at a great price. Why on earth would TJs get rid of this coffee?! bRing it back!!!!!

  11. Pamela Kobusch

    Café Pájaro Is my ideal coffee. Extra dark and free trade. It gets me out of the house to food shop. Please bring it back.

  12. anne

    Ditto -all the reviews that would like to drink the Cafe Pajaro.

  13. Debbie Hayward

    With gas being $5.50 a gallon, a 45 minute drive, I went to TJ to pickup some of our favorite stuff which includes Cafe Pajaro coffee. None on the shelf, so I come home with this gut feeling. Women always have this gut feeling and most of the time we are right. PLEASE BRING IT BACK TJ!!!!!

  14. Nate

    There simply are no words Trader Joe’s, have you lost your mind’s?! Bring it back now and no one gets hurt, lol.

  15. Lisa

    WHAT??!! I was shocked to hear that my local Seattle Trader Joe has discontinued this amazing coffee. PLEASE, SOMEBODY, bring Cafe Pajaro back!

  16. Nancy

    I just heard that Trader Joes discontinued Cafe Pajaro without any reason whatsoever! Can someone please tell me why this insanity happened? I don’t understand why TJ will do something like that. Is this a ploy to raise the price of the coffee? Please bring it back.

  17. Just another Portlander Coffee Snob

    I am extremely disappointed TJ’s discontinued Cafe Pajaro. It was their best roast and am still on the lookout for a good replacement, even if I have to shop somewhere else. Shame.

  18. Donna Jacobson

    this was the main reason we drove over 40 miles to buy Pajaro coffee now we have no reason to shop at Trader Joe’s unless they bring it back. I would like to know where they bought it I would order it on line. Sorry Joe’ you dropped the bacon we like and no our coffee unless things change we will not shop there any more.

  19. Danielle

    This coffee was the main reason for going to Trader Joe’s. So sad it’s discontinued. I’ve been drinking this coffee for years. It was my favorite.

  20. Mary

    I’m devastated to hear this coffee is discontinued. This was the only kind I drink and the main reason for driving an hour to my nearest Traders. Please bring it back!!

  21. James

    Just went to TJ’s yesterday and was floored to find no Cafe Pajaro. Best coffee ever, hands down, and now gone. I’m really disappointed; and I traveled 40 miles one way to get there (with gas @ $4.09/gal).
    Won’t go back anytime soon, there’s a new Wegman’s opening….

  22. Karen

    Bring it back. Or at least tell us what the blend is and where to find something comparable. It was the best coffee I ever had.

  23. Jane

    Please bring it back!!! I can’t find anything I like as much.

  24. Serge Ledan

    My favorite coffee! I was very pissed today when told at the store that it had been discontinued!!!! TJ’s should bring this back ASAP

  25. Peter Ouelette

    This coffee is TJ’s best product. For French press there is simply no substitute. I will boycott Trader Joe’s and do my best to discourage other people from shopping there until it is brought back.

  26. Mary

    Judging by the reviews You didn’t discontinue this because no one liked it. Must just be the bottom line then. 🙁
    Please bring it back, I love it.

  27. Terry Baker

    Yeah, what gives Trader Joe’s? No Cafe Pajaro for months now. No reason given by the company! We’ve tried some of their other brands but no go Jose! Not as good. Looking at other coffee options. So regarding the coffee snafu, it’s Traitor Joe’s now.

  28. Jiyoung

    I still miss Café Pajaro and can’t find better coffee beans than this. Please bring it back.

  29. Mary lively

    Please bring back Cafe Pajaro!!!! I just can’t stand it. I’ve tried every other coffee you sell, and nothing compares. Please please please bring it back.

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