Trader Joe’s Brussels Sprouts & Uncured Bacon Ravioli Reviews

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Coming soon to Trader Joe’s stores – fall 2022!


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Brussels Sprouts & Uncured Bacon Ravioli Reviews

  1. Ethan

    Compared to other TJ raviolis, this one is one the lower end. It’s not bad, but one of the ingredients, I believe the bacon, seems to overpower the ravioli and make it overly savory. Another ingredient, I believe the Brussels sprouts, are still crunchy which is a bit unpleasant with ravioli. The pasta itself in good and I still finished!

  2. sophie

    I think I was the first person to try this ravioli! The cashier at TJ was in shock when she saw I was buying it. It’s okay, I won’t buy it again. Definitely an interesting combo that I’m sure people will purchase for the sole purpose of being intrigued. There’s a weird crunch in the ravioli that is a bit off putting, but besides that the flavors are interesting- strong flavor of carmelized onions and blue cheese which is a bit strange. Overall I’m not even sure how to sum up this pasta experience 🙂

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