Trader Joe’s Brazilian Style Cheese Bread Reviews

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with tapioca flour and Parmesan cheese.

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Brazilian Style Cheese Bread Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Great buy, would recommend to bake for 6min at 350F, then change to broiler (set to max temp) for 3min.

  2. Andrea J

    Initially, I was baking these until they browned, and they were chewy and OK but not as good as the pao de queso I gobbled up in Brazil. Then I baked 3 frozen balls in a toaster oven for the minimum time, and they were warmed completely but still golden and not browned. These were so much better–light and fragrant. The tapioca flour does give them a chewier bite than wheat flour would.

  3. Anonymous

    IMO, the instructions are not correct. It calls for 6 to 8 minutes of baking time at 350F but that is not enough and the end result is undercooked cheese breads. I baked them for 14 minutes at 350F and then broiled for another 5 minutes and they tasted much much better.

    Per instructions, I would say it’s only 2 stars. With extra baking time, I would rate it as 5 stars

  4. Anony

    These aren’t really Brazilian cheese bread…they’re just bread with a tiny hint of cheese. You’re just buying slightly more expensive rolls. Brazi bites are far far superior and they cost about the same.

  5. Heloneida Mota

    I really love the Brazilian Cheese Bread!

  6. Anonymous

    Among the cheese breads available in Boston area this one is not too bad.
    The cheese taste is good, the baking time is a little tricky.
    PLEASE, remove the white pepper from the recipe! Than kids will eat them as well.
    I come from the region in Brazil where this kind of bread is well known and everyone has a different recipe, but none of them has pepper.

  7. Mea

    3.5 stars. Baking instructions wrong! They were half baked and cold inside. I went up to 365 for an extra 5 mins and it was much better. It took a few bites to get used to the taste and texture. This has too little cheese to be called cheese bread though. It’s like mochi with cheese TASTE but you don’t see any melted cheese. Can’t say if it’s worth buying. Don’t think I’ll return it though. I’ll just eat when nothing else is available

  8. Anonymous

    Brazilian here. These cheese breads don’t taste bad, but they are not like the ones we have in Brazil. If you are looking for a more authentic Brazilian cheese bread, Brazi Bites are more like it.

  9. Anonymous

    Interesting consistency. Didn’t find them to be very good. Authentic Brazilian cheese bread is much better. Will finish the box but won’t buy again. Moving on to Brazi bites next.

  10. Mariah M.

    Cooked right these are incredible. I haven’t had real Brazilian cheese bread but these are a staple in my household. If only my local Trader Joe’s would get them back in stock!

  11. dc

    pretty good. consistency is similar to mochi

  12. Fowlera

    Texture is way off if you ever had real cheese brazilian bread before. These are hard semi chewy old bread tasting rolls. I wouldnt buy these again. Trader joes is hit or miss with delicious food. I agree 100% with other reviewer Brazi Bites are amazing and taste so good I could eat a whole bag! To myself

  13. Fowlera

    Also dont listen to the person that said broil them. They come out charred bricks for 6 mins in broiler

  14. lisa

    this is one of my guilty pleasures they’re the best thing in the store!!!!!!

  15. Andressa Monteiro

    These are the best! Kids ask for them everyday when they home from school!

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