Trader Joe’s Blueberry Fiber Mini Cakes Reviews

(25 customer reviews)

25 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blueberry Fiber Mini Cakes Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Great healthy snack! Not sure why these are tagged as “desserts”…they’re definitely a breakfast item. They’re quite dense, so don’t expect a light, airy muffin. But they’re filling and absolutely packed with fiber. Low in calories and sugar, too, and vegan to boot! What’s not to like?

  2. Patricia Mingus

    I’ve been buying these for years for fiber. First they were called muffins, then mini cakes. Now, however, the muffin cup isn’t even filled to top. Keeps getting more mini. When they’re only half filled will stop buying.

  3. EBU

    Bought for the first time and after one bite I am ready to give the rest away. These are so dry! It’s somewhat edible broken up in milk as a cereal/oatmeal. My first TJ’s fail. (Side note: I’m a regular person, not a health nut.)

  4. Gwen

    Not a fan. Tossing the rest after one tasteless muffin.

  5. Maria

    These mini cakes/muffin are incredibly delicious. If you like healthy food items and raw/whole wheat/bran items you will love them. Very few calories and carbs too, no added sugar rather than grape juice.

  6. Cristina

    I love these so much! I eat one for breakfast and some days I had some PB on top. SO YUMMY!!

  7. Jennifer T

    It helps to give them 30 seconds in the microwave–they really become softer and more moist! One of these and an over-easy egg and some yogurt makes a great breakfast.

  8. Jo Ann O

    Why are they being discontinued? I love them for the flavor, low calories, and high fiber. I’m so upset!

  9. Gary Greinke

    Love these vegan and diabetic friendly muffins and buying them weekly for years. Why is the world are they being discontinued. They are usually popping off the shelves in our local stores. Please bring back and also add more healthy vegan products. These muffins are great for breakfast or as a desert.
    Gary G

  10. Barbara Punt

    Noooooooooo! Please don’t discontinue these! They are so healthy and low cal and low carb. I love “regular” muffins but they are usually very high in carbs and fats. Eating these scratches that itch but in a healthy way.

  11. Maria Protto

    I love these mini cakes…keeps the weight down and so enjoyable too.

    I’m upset! Bring them back

  12. Shirley Ward

    Great little snack. Please bring them back!

  13. Ann Kuhn

    I have had one of these fiber cakes (so much necessary fiber packed into a low sugar and low calorie relatively tasty package!) broken up and mixed with TJ’s non-fat Greek yogurt and fresh or frozen blueberries, or slathered with TJ’s salted crunchy almond butter, every day for several years. I kept them in the freezer and let them sit out until thawed or microwaved for a minute if I’m in a hurry. It was a healthful, yummy breakfast.
    Why have you discontinued them??? Please bring them, or the also long discontinued apple cranberry mini fiber cakes, back for fiber, health, and flavor lovers everywhere!!!

  14. Mary Kay Brennan

    Why in the world have you discontinued these
    Delicious and Healthy treats? Most muffins are higher calorie and full of sugar. These fiber cakes are one of the few “treats’ that I looked forward to. Please. Bring them back!

  15. Sylvia Iezza

    Have bought these for years!!! Please bring them back!!!

  16. Maria Maglione

    I have been buying these mini muffins for years. Full of fiber, low fat, low sugar and low calories. Why discontinue such an all round healthy food item. They are also delicious!. Please reconsider and bring them back. Thank you, Mariaa

  17. Jeffrey Broude

    The most healthy thing in the store !! And they actually taste quite good. A pity to discontinue them.

  18. penny

    Love these mini fiber muffins! Great healthy and filling snack! bring them backk

  19. Rose

    Please bring back the fiber mini cakes, both the blueberry and the long time ago discontinued apple-cranberry fiber mini cakes. They were high fiber, low fat, and ver low sugar. So foolish of Trader Joe’s to have discontinued such a healthy food item.

  20. Mark

    They were literally the ONLY reason I went to trader joes, then while there i bought other things. Since they don’t carry them anymore, i’ll never return.

  21. Jose

    Bring these healthy treats back!!

  22. Ruby

    Please bring these back!!

  23. Ash

    These were my absolute favorite! I’d shop at TJ’s just for these. Please please bring them back. Promise to keep the shelves empty

  24. Alison

    These were my absolute favorite! I’d shop at TJ’s just for these. Please please bring them back. Promise to keep the shelves empty

  25. Rich

    These were such an awesome product. And I am someone who usually does not prefer things with berries thrown in. These fiber “mini-cakes” — definitely not muffins, mind you! — were so good, and so very good for me, that, as a couple others have noted, I restructered my entire daily breakfast routine around them.

    I don’t know how much TJ’s actually ever marketed those little fiber-packed wonders, but probably not much. I found them the first time quite by accident, buried amongst the cookies and such. Not in the breads and muffins. (??!!) I tried them and was hooked at once! Then a couple or few months later they were discontinued. Not the first time I’ve been burned badly by TJ’s! :-/

    In TJ’s defense (I’m guessing)… The mini-cakes had a shelf life of a few days. You’d get them home and they’d be molding a couple days later if you didn’t think on your own and refrigerate or freeze them. (No such advice on the package, IIRC.) And I imagine that people weren’t exactly beating down the door to buy these. If the product isn’t moving enough, and you end up having to throw away some number of packages every week, due to spoilage… well, that can’t be good in the eyes of TJ’s management.

    My experience with TJ and the fiber mini-cakes put the last nail in a particular coffin, for me: I’ve vowed resolutely never to rely on anything being at TJ’s from one week to the next. Even if I try something and I find it to be utterly fantastic (which I’ve probably discovered on my own with absolutely no help from TJ’s), it will NOT become a must-have item on my shopping list. Sorry, Trader Joe’s, but that’s better than the inevitable alternative of bitter disappointment.

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